中文采访 ImToken 总裁何斌 Interview with ImToken CEO Ben He on his Outlook for Crypto Wallets in 2019: “We don’t need to focus on the US to succeed”

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We interviewed the CEO of ImToken Ben He at DevCon in Prague in early November last year. If you don’t know about ImToken, you should. It is one of the largest, private companies in Crypto in Asia.

ImToken is currently the world’s largest Ethereum wallet with over 7.51million in installed devices (as of recent stat releases, read more below). It is feature-rich digital asset wallet that enables multi-chain asset management, DApp browsing and secure, private exchange of value. The company is headquartered in Singapore.

In this interview, we talk about Ben’s thoughts on the company success in Asia, on opensourcing their code, on their upcoming hardwallet, thoughts on potential expansion to the US and the outlook for 2019.

We will be sharing a written transcript soon. And you can check out the audio here:

ImToken’s 2018 Stats came out recently and we are impressed. Check out some of the stats:

2018 imToken Accumulated Installed Devices Broke 7mio

  • imToken accumulated installed devices reach 7.51mio
  • Android & iOS ratio stands at 7:3
  • Top 10 non-mainland Chinese countries: USA, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand

2018 imToken Accumulated Transactions Count Broke 2.45mio

  • Accumulated transactions: 2.45mio
  • Top 10 tokens transacted: ETH, EOS, BTC, MST, BEC, BNB, HT, BITE, MT, VGS, HMS, AIT

2018 imToken Major Milestones

  • May 31st. Completed Series A funding by IDG Capital, taking a step into the international market.
  • May 31st. Released imToken 2.0 RC version, after 5 beta iterations.
  • June 14th. Released EOS wallet and EOS BP voting DApp
  • July 31st. Launched imToken 2.0. Inauguration of imToken Ventures.
  • October 24th. imToken went open-source.
  • October 31st. Sponsored Devcon IV, announced investment into imKey.
  • November 30th. Kick-started imToken 2.0 migration campaign. The very beginning of a new journey.

2018 imToken Partnership Statistics

  • Supported tokens: 70,000
  • Supported trading pairs: 3848
  • EOS DApp partners: 17
  • ETH DApp partners: 34

Well-received ETH partners with users in 2018:

  • Kyber
  • MakerDAO
  • LoopringDEX
  • DDEX
  • Compound

Most popular ETH projects with users in 2018:

  • Luxe
  • ENS

Most popular ETH games with users in 2018:

  • HyperDragons
  • Gods Unchained

Most popular EOS BP partners in 2018:

  • EOSPark
  • EOS Asia

Well-received EOS partners with users in 2018:

  • Bank of Staked
  • CPU Emergency
  • EOS Recover

To learn more, go to their medium page here

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