#NewYorkBlockchainWeek Photo Recap- Part 1

🥤Global Coin Research held a Joint Happy Hour with The Information during New York Blockchain Week and we are so happy to see so many wonderful folks from our subscriber base and community attend.

A special should out to guests and organization for supporting us: Jason Han, CEO of Kakaotalk’s blockchain business; Travis Kling, Founder and CEO and Portfolio Manager of Ikigai Fund; Benny Giang, co-founder of Cryptokitties; Ella Zhang, head of Binance Labs and the entire Binance Labs team; Lily Liu; Will Martino, CEO of Kadena; Kevin Werbach, Professor at University of Pennsylvania; Sharon Goldberg, CEO of Arwen; Jon Victor, Editor of The Information’s crypto newsletter; Fidelity Blockchain; Consensys; Primitive Ventures; Techstars Blockchain; Hashed; FBG; GBIC; Tezos and Passport Capital.

Thank you for all coming and we hope you had a smooth trip back home.

🥳And again a huge thanks to our sponsors Nervos Network and Harmony!

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