Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News in Asia from Saturday to Today 

Facebook just released the White Paper on its crypto project Libra; here are some coverage highlights:

The Information has released Eight Takeaways From Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency with really interesting insights. We are offering our premium subscribers access to the The Information’s conference call on Libra at 1pm EST/ 10pm PST TODAY with The Information’s Facebook journalist and crypto journalist.

TODAY ONLY: Get $30 off on our annual premium membership and get immediate access to this conference call. You’ll also get access to all the Global Coin Research resources and analyses including access to future event discounts and the most important crypto information about Asia delivered to your inbox.

Binance research has also released an indepth report on Libra as well as Coindesk’scoverage and The Block’s coverage here.

Bitmain is suing three former employees who started Poolin, a rival to the chip manufacturer’s BTC.com mining pool. http://bit.ly/2wXd5ky

Carbon footprint of Bitcoin– an extensive analysis: study determines that there is 68% Asian, 17% European, and 15% North American computing power in the network.’ http://bit.ly/2x0pnsr

5 South Korean Crypto Exchanges Take On New Responsibility for User Losses with Demands from Regulators. http://bit.ly/2ImYRQH

Binance is issuing a bitcoin-backed token named BTCB. The tokens are reportedly 100% backed by bitcoins held in a reserve address, and will be issued by the exchange’s native blockchain network, Binance Chain. http://bit.ly/2x0IfaX

?Deals and Funds

Neo Global Capital partner Tony Gu announces 2nd fund to target $50million focusing on a multi-strategy all-weather cryptocurrency fund, including a venture capital and secondary market strategy. The fund said that it returned 8x the return by Q1 this year. Google translate

Animoca Brands closes $3.6-million capital raising to fund tokenised blockchain gaming platform. http://bit.ly/2x2hJOa


  Exchange News

OKCoin has partnered with fintech firm Simplex to enable global users to make USD deposits via debit or credit card. http://bit.ly/2Xk7Nyd

CryptoCompare updates its exchange ranking, listing several key factors that should be looked at prior to judging the quality of exchange including big-name funding, manpower count, licenses and rating, and inflation score.http://bit.ly/2WNIdxe

CoinCheck, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that was hacked last year, may have been attacked by a group with Russian origins, Japanese media agency. http://bit.ly/2wZU3Kj

‘CoinLab Is a Big Stopping Block’: Mark Karpeles Talks Mt. Gox Creditor Claims and Life After Trial. http://bit.ly/2WQYhmO

? Coins and Mining

ZCash has become a multi-client network, following the launch of its new client dubbed “Zebra.” Zebra is a consensus-compatible Zcash node client written in Rust. http://bit.ly/2x2uAjw

Securitize is teaming up with a Japanese educational advocacy organization to promote the adoption of digital securities in the country. https://yhoo.it/2x3f1Id

Ripple announced an investment of up to $50 million into money transfer company MoneyGram. Along with the investment, MoneyGram will agree to utilize XRP in its core money transfer business. http://bit.ly/2x3gEWx

Tron’s CEO Justin Sun announced Litecoin founder Charlie Lee will join him in his lunch with Warren Buffett.



Samsung to Seek Collaboration With Platform Firms on Blockchain Innovation and 6G. https://bloom.bg/2x11D7A

Coinbase Custody Holds $1.3B in Assets Under Custody, Expects to Hit $2B ‘Soon’.http://bit.ly/2Fgviya
Japan Data Initiative Brings Blockchain Security to 100 Major Businesses: Mitsubishi Electric and Yaskawa Electric are among 100 major Japanese manufacturers set to share production data with each other to improve efficiency, using blockchain technology to ensure their information remains secure. http://bit.ly/2WMaaKS

? Regulations

Head of Russia’s central bank has said that while the launch of a central bank digital currency is being explored, it is not a matter for the near future. http://bit.ly/2wZBNRy

The government of Georgia has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with blockchain technology firm Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) to implement blockchain-enabled projects across business, education and government services. http://bit.ly/2FgmFnc

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