Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News in Asia from Saturday to Today 

Catherine Coley, former head of XRP institutional liquidity at Ripple, has joined Binance.US as CEO.  http://bit.ly/301mkws

Taiwan Targets October Start Date for World’s First STO Rules: Fundraising through STOs will be capped at TWD300mn (10mnUSD); individual investors will be allowed to purchase up to TWD300,000 (10,000USD)  worth of security tokens.

Laura Shin just released an Unchained episode on How Asia’s Trading Culture Results in a Vastly Different Crypto Scene.  http://bit.ly/307FwsI

At the second Ethereum Technology and Application Conference in Beijing just a few days ago- Vitalik Buterin gave a keynote introducing Ethereum 2.0 with more shards. http://bit.ly/309QDkR



IOSG Ventures and Fundamental Labs announced the complete of recent fundraising of Polkadot. Along with another institution, these three institutions have invested more than 10 million US dollars in Polkadot. http://bit.ly/307oVW0


 Events coming up in Asia

StakingCon is taking place in July 10th in Beijing- with Algorand?Cardano?Tezos?Dash?NEM?IRISnet?VSYS?Edgeware?AELF?MultiVAC?Near Protocol?Decred. http://bit.ly/2Y6Zcw9

Complimentary tickets are available to KryptoSeoul for BUIDL 2019 on July 22nd and 23rd, a technical and business forum held at Novotel Ambassador Gangnam. We have partnered up with the team to bring premium subscribers complimentary tickets to the conference, while supplies last.


  Exchange News

Huobi is partnering with enterprise blockchain project Nervos to develop a new public blockchain dubbed “FinanceChain” to provide defi and decentralized services to businesses. It will allow financial firms in addition to exchanges to deploy their own blockchains, tokenize assets and offer DeFi services. http://bit.ly/302ujJV

? Coins and Mining

Crypto mining machines are under capacity in China after bitcoin surging price. Chinese mining machines manufacturers, including PandaMiner, Bitmain,Ebang, Canaan have sold out their products. http://bit.ly/2Xi0h2Q

Authorities in Iran have confiscated about 1,000 units of bitcoin mining machines from two now-defunct factories. http://bit.ly/2XbHG8M

? Business

UK bitcoin mining operator Argo Blockchain surpassed its own expectations in Q2,says it saw an increase of approximately 101% from the Company’s May mining results and represents a mining margin of roughly 81%.  http://bit.ly/305IIoE

Deloitte survey: Chinese enterprise employees have expressed the highest rate of confidence that blockchain tech is one of the top-five critical priorities in the country, while the same metrics in the US has accounted for 56%. http://bit.ly/308X2wB

German Blockchain-as-a-Service provider Advanced Blockchain AG has become the first blockchain development firm to be listed on Germany’s Xetra digital stock exchange, operated by Deutsche Börse. http://bit.ly/2YpGLTJ

SCMP: Libra will resemble the Hong Kong dollar, whose monetary base is fully backed by US dollar-denominated assets; consumers will have no incentive to use libra, governments have every reason to oppose it. http://bit.ly/3032WPH

? Regulations

Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, is leaving a blockchain project backed by Russia’s central bank, citing slow development and lack of efficiency.http://bit.ly/306IPjG

IMF Predicts Central Banks to Issue Digital Currencies: several central banks in different countries are considering implementing some form of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Uruguay has reportedly launched a CBDC pilot program already, while the Bahamas, China, Caribbean Currency Union, Sweden, and Ukraine  are “on the verge” of testing their systems. http://bit.ly/309MfCy

Japanese Senate member submitted a virtual currency tax reform petition to the House of Representatives but was not adopted. http://bit.ly/30bjO7d

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has entered a joint initiative to promote the adoption of blockchain trade solutions. http://bit.ly/2Ymr5R6

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