Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

 Top News in Asia from Tuesday to Today 

Donald Trump has proposed on Twitter the U.S. should ‘MATCH’ Chinese and Euoropean currency manipulation.

Coinbase’s July 4th research on crypto: crypto is going mainstream and 58 percent of Americans say they’ve heard of Bitcoin.

Ma Haobo, the founder of Aelf , called Craig Wright a scammer and kick-started a #BoycottBSVAndCryingFaketoshi hashtag on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter. The China’s BSV community retaliated by claiming to crush the ELF community and send Aelf price to zero.

FT: Global central banks may have to issue their own digital currencies sooner than expected. The banks of international settlement hubs will be located in Sweden, Singapore and Hong Kong.



Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s first government-supported blockchain accelerator, launches its first-ever Demo Day at Facebook’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore. Tribe has closely facilitated the fundraising of SGD $16.8 million for its participating companies through its ecosystem of corporate and investor partners.

Kakao Investment is considering buying FitsMe, a beauty product recommendation service from blockchain startup Cosmochain.

South Korea’s largest telecom and the third top conglomerate SK Group has invested $10 million in ConsenSys.


 Events coming up in Asia

StakingCon is taking place in July 10th in Beijing- with Algorand?Cardano?Tezos?Dash?NEM?IRISnet?VSYS?Edgeware?AELF?MultiVAC?Near Protocol?Decred.

Complimentary tickets are available to KryptoSeoul for BUIDL 2019 on July 22nd and 23rd, a technical and business forum held at Novotel Ambassador Gangnam. We have partnered up with the team to bring premium subscribers complimentary tickets to the conference, while supplies last.


  Exchange News

Alameda Research has introduced a dynamic dashboard for real exchange volumes. The trading firm tested each exchange on six different criteria and estimates that it trades 5% of all global crypto volume. One stat says  “spot” trades of actual digital assets and derivatives, like bitcoin futures—trades $38 billion in real volume a day, and 87% of that happens on Asian exchanges, with just 9% happening on U.S. venues. Alameda also believe more crypto volume is real than Bitwise’s report’s claims. For OKEx and Huobi, which were founded in China, Alameda estimates about 70% of their transactions are authentic.

The Binance Charity Foundation will launch the ‘Pink Care Token’ together with other alliance members such as Tron and Vechain to achieve the period poverty alleviation plan.

? Coins and Mining

INBlock Investor and OG bitcoin investor Li Xiaolai launches BOX token, a fund product that anchors multiple token assets, specifically BTC, EOS and XIN.

Banco BTG Pactual S.A., Latin America’s largest standalone investment bank,together with Dalma Capital, a prominent Dubai asset manager, plans to utilize the Tezos blockchain for Security Token Offerings, addressing a deal pipeline in excess of $1bn for existing and prospective token issuances.

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance launches a new real-time indextracking the total electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network- providing more comprehensive analysis of the environmental footprint of the cryptocurrency mining industry.

“TRX·?Torrent Super Community”, a ponzi scheme went bust in China, sat its vitcims losing at least 200 million CNY- while BitTorrent’s CEO Justin Sun kept quiet.

Founders of crypto wallet PlusToken allegedly fled with the assets of its users’ total cost of $3 billion. This is the apparently the biggest scam exit crypto financial pyramid in China to date.

The Block- LEO burns hint at whales sighting on Bitfinex.

? Business

Bitcoin is benefitting from inflows of fiat currency as stablecoin Tether increases its supply, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.

? Regulations

Bank of Japan official told the Nikkei Asian Review that because financial institutions need to cover the expenses that comes with regulation, Libra will be “be piggybacking for free on a financial system that’ll likely take on heavy costs.”

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