Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News in Asia from Saturday to Today 

New York Attorney General has filed documents alleging Bitfinex and Tether have ties to New York state; showing evidence that Bitfinex continued to serve New York traders after they said they ceased such activity in 2015. http://bit.ly/2S8eNJB

Facebook has requested discussions with the central bank of Thailand because Thailand has 50 million registered Facebook users. http://bit.ly/2NIlKm7

Facebook’s plans to create its own cryptocurrency have forced China’s central bank into stepping up research into creating its own digital currency as Libra could potentially pose a challenge to Chinese cross-border payments, monetary policy and even financial sovereignty, according to a People’s Bank of China official. “China wants to know, in particular, the composition of the currency basket and the role the US dollar will play.” http://bit.ly/2YIb1sQ

Photos of GCR at Asia Blockchain Summit. http://bit.ly/2S6nPXv



Chinese blockchain media company Cailu has received $10 million in pre-Series A funding for further development. http://bit.ly/2S5VLDW


 Events coming up in Asia

GCR is providing complimentary tickets are available to KryptoSeoul for BUIDL 2019 on July 22nd and 23rd, a technical and business forum held at Novotel Ambassador Gangnam. We have partnered up with the team to bring premium subscribers complimentary tickets to the conference, while supplies last. http://bit.ly/2J5YYjF


  Exchange News

OKCoin is announcing that STASIS, the first euro-pegged stablecoin, is listed on the OKCoin exchange. Now, OKCoin customers can deposit and withdraw EURS, in addition to trade against USD, EUR, and BTC. http://bit.ly/2xEvAe1

KuCoin launches derivatives trading platform KuMEX, promises up to 20x leverage- following recent announcements by Huobi, Binance, and Bitfinex. Just recently, KuCoin has launched an EOS Soft Staking Program. http://bit.ly/2S4hUlW |http://bit.ly/2S5J77M

? Coins and Mining

Bitfinex LEO token announces 27% of profit burn, http://bit.ly/2S1UbTm

Tron releases a subpar response in response to the Wave Field Community Scam after protestors disrupted the office and led to police presence. http://bit.ly/2SdNNIZ

Bitmain granted all the employees with certain titles who had been with the company since early 2018 with options, pending IPO. http://bit.ly/2S47B18

? Business

Former Thailand Blockchain Events COO: “This Is An Industry That Needs To Un-Scam Itself”. http://bit.ly/2S5UAo0

Singapore Global eTrade Services (GeTS) announced that it will produce blockchain based electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs) for internationally traded goods. http://bit.ly/2S4iq36

Singapore-based online car marketplace sgCarMart and decentralized data exchange protocol Ocean Protocol are launching a blockchain-powered “Know-Your-Vehicle” data marketplace. http://bit.ly/2S3DJSw

? Regulations

The Indian government is latest to show skepticism toward Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency Libra. https://bloom.bg/2S4j9kQ

China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, has processed 30 billion yuan of foreign exchange transactions on a blockchain-based trade finance platform. The formal schedule is to began for August. http://bit.ly/2S8cuGr

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