Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News in Asia from Tuesday to Today 

Ex- China central bank chief: Beijing may delegate the issuance of digital currency to commercial entities; may be rethinking its digital currency strategy.

Binance announced the expansion of its fiat-enabled trading platform in Singapore.

The American Foundation for Defense of Democracies has assembled an assessment of current and future risks of cryptocurrency use by countries adversarial to the United States- Venezuela, Russia, Iian, China.

GCR talks to the CFO of Binance Wei Zhou on the Binance podcast to give a firsthand account of the Asian Blockchain Summit that took place in Taipei last week. Here are the highlights from our Interview with Binance CFO on promising regions for expansion; stablecoin; opportunities in Europe.

Quick tweet takeaways from live workshop with Harmony Protocol on lessons from its Binance IEO listing.

? Coins and Mining

The Rising Trend of Exchanges Participating as EOS BPs; EOS Becoming Even More Centralized.

GCR Contributor Network: An Indepth Look into Crypto Mining with Overview & Landscape of the Mining Industry by Chris McCann.

Singapore’s Stock Exchange Backs New Ethereum Security Token Platform with technical support from ConsenSys.

China hosted a conference called StakingCon with some of the active local players who highlighted the increasing trend shift from POW to POS.  Google translate:

PundiX Wallet app has integrated Telegram chat and enable people to send crypto gift to their Telegram contacts; it has also ported XPOS to Verifone’s latest Android-based point-of-sale terminal.


 Events coming up in Asia

Shanghai International Blockchain Week is set to be on 16th Sep. to Sep.18th –

GCR is providing complimentary tickets are available to KryptoSeoul for BUIDL 2019 on July 22nd and 23rd, a technical and business forum held at Novotel Ambassador Gangnam. We have partnered up with the team to bring premium subscribers complimentary tickets to the conference, while supplies last.


  Exchange News

GCR’s interview transcript with Arthur Hayes on his debate with Nouriel Roubini, Bitmex at the Asian Blockchain Summit is now available.

Polish Crypto Exchange BitMarket Shuts Down Citing Liquidity Loss:

BitMEX operator grants $60,000 to bitcoin core developer.

Japan’s Bitpoint suspended all services after losing about 32million USD in a hack that involved Ripple and other cryptocurrencies.

Binance burns $24 million worth of BNB tokens allocated to team; officially launches margin trading this week.

? Business

Hong Kong-based blockchain financial services firm Diginex Ltd. is scheduled to go public through a reverse merger with investment holding company 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. Subsequently, the firm will be listed on the Nasdaq.

Fortress Investment Group is buying bitcoin claims from Mt. Gox creditors at $900 a Piece:.

UAE is one of the few nations in the world where the local government has placed special emphasis on promoting the use of crypto. In Q1 2019, UAE-based blockchain startups were able to raise a total of $210 million.

Jihan Wu’s new company Matrixport’s 3 KYC tiers– KYC1 is an identity authentication system, which can requires nationality and basic information; KYC2 is a non-Chinese user authentication system; and KYC3 is a Chinese user’s video authentication system. The higher the KYC, the more you can withdraw with 200k USDT.

Given the cheap electricity in Iran,  Iran crypto miners are scrambling to get a share of Chinese crypto mining machines. Additionally, Chinese cryptocurrency miners have made requests to Iran government through official channels for their cryptocurrency mining operations in the country

? Regulations

The Stock Exchange of Thailand has floated the idea of launching a digital “stablecoin” to be used domestically at first before expanding into Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam if the asset takes hold. This is an attempt supposedly to tame Libra.

And in response to Libra potentially entering Thailand, legal experts in Thailand claims that Libra may have thorny Thai debut with three possible scenarios-> an outright ban from financial authorities; no regulation in order to facilitate greater financial inclusion or an indirect attempt to support greater acceptance; and regulation through an intermediary .
The government of Turkey has included a central bank-issued digital currency in its 2019–2023 economic roadmap.

Vanuatu, a Pacific Island country, has extradited six Chinese citizens to the mainland in relation to a Plustoken Pyramind Scheme.

EU Central Bank Won’t Add Bitcoin to Reserves — refusing to recognize it as currency in a Q&A session.

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