Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News in Asia from Saturday to Today 

Binance was planning to open a local fiat-to-crypto exchange in South Korea. Google translate: http://bit.ly/2JHqwuZ

Polkadot is planning to conduct the first IFO (listing futures trading) on CoinFLEX. http://bit.ly/2LnHgdM

Japanese BitPoint discovers another $2.3 million has been stolen. http://bit.ly/2YVaMuA

China’s PoS Wallets and Exchanges: Staking Does Not Make Money Right Now. http://bit.ly/2KnEG4b

The unedited, full debate between Arthur Hayes and Nouriel Roubini, aka “The Tangle in Taipei” is available now on https://youtu.be/qlZukhN_C6c

Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has approved four new crypto business operators to legally operate in the country. including  one that share the same parent as recently hacked Japanese crypto exchange, Bitpoint Japan.http://bit.ly/2jXwrmW

Most Clicked On From Last Newsletter

The American Foundation for Defense of Democracies has assembled an assessment of current and future risks of cryptocurrency use by countries adversarial to the United States- Venezuela, Russia, Iian, China. http://bit.ly/2G9IO6W

GCR talks to the CFO of Binance Wei Zhou on the Binance podcast to give a firsthand account of the Asian Blockchain Summit that took place in Taipei last week. Here are the highlights from our Interview with Binance CFO on promising regions for expansion; stablecoin; opportunities in Europe. http://bit.ly/2LLYjWm

Quick tweet takeaways from live workshop with Harmony Protocol on lessons from its Binance IEO listing. http://bit.ly/2LOti49

The Rising Trend of Exchanges Participating as EOS BPs; EOS Becoming Even More Centralized. http://bit.ly/2LW9mfE

GCR Contributor Network: An Indepth Look into Crypto Mining with Overview & Landscape of the Mining Industry by Chris McCann. http://bit.ly/2LRyS5O


Beowulf, a decentralized cloud network for communications, has raised an undisclosed amount of capital from crypto wallet and chat app Consentium and Mars Blockchain, a price-stable digital currency.http://bit.ly/2jXsK0y

HK blockchain firm Diginex aims to list on Nasdaq in Q4 via reverse merger. http://bit.ly/2XTeqUu

Singapore-based blockchain start-up, dltledgers, recently completed its Pre-Series A funding with global VC firm Walden International. https://yhoo.it/2JHXc7E

? Coins and Mining

Vitalik Buterin-> Bitcoin Cash: a short-term data availability layer for ethereum?http://bit.ly/2LpPty8

The “Gram” token issued by Telegram is now available only to Upxide exchange customers in South Korea in partnership with global cryptocurrency exchange Liquid. http://bit.ly/2k3hY8N

CXC, a crypto Ponzi scheme that emerged in China ,claims a mode of “cryptocurrency collision”, saying that investors can convert BTC into CXC. http://bit.ly/2GcbY5w


 Events coming up in Asia

GCR is providing complimentary tickets to Shanghai International Blockchain Week is set to be on 16th Sep. to Sep.18th. We have partnered up with the team to bring premium subscribers complimentary tickets to the conference, while supplies last. http://bit.ly/2NSdvEm

GCR is providing complimentary tickets are available to KryptoSeoul for BUIDL 2019 on July 22nd and 23rd, a technical and business forum held at Novotel Ambassador Gangnam. We have partnered up with the team to bring premium subscribers complimentary tickets to the conference, while supplies last.


  Exchange News

Last week, the NYAG wrote in another damning court filing that the LEO sale had “every indicia of a securities offering, but thus far, only IDEX has distanced itself from the token. http://bit.ly/2LmzsJp

Huobi announced that it would burn its own token, the Huobi token, by repurchasing 14,011,700 tokens worth $ 14 million worth 20% of profits. This burn amount corresponds to 5% of the supply overall. http://bit.ly/2Lo7kWy

? Business

How Taiwan’s blockchain industry is powering through the downturn. http://bit.ly/2jXtkvj

South Korea’s leading credit card firm Shinhan Card has been granted a patent for a blockchain payments system. http://bit.ly/2LmCsWq

South Korea’s leading electronics maker Samsung announced that it has partnered with six other companies to develop a blockchain-based certificate and ID authentication network. The service will allow customers to manage personal information on their own. http://bit.ly/2jXqoPj

? Regulations

Major Korean Firms Partner to launch a blockchain-based mobile identification system in 2020. http://bit.ly/2lmnX91

Royal Mint, a government-owned manufacturer of coins in the United Kingdom, will provide crypto custodial services for the first time ever. http://bit.ly/2Y2dbqh

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