Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News in Asia from Saturday to Today

Bitfinex asserts NYAG made ‘misleading’ claims of jurisdiction in new case filings. http://bit.ly/2JMQH4L

Justin Sun falls ill with kidney stones and postpones $4.6mn lunch with Warren Buffett. http://bit.ly/2JJjtTE

An inter-ministerial committee set up by the India government on virtual currencies has proposed banning of private cryptocurrencies.  http://bit.ly/2M8wCYi

The Palestinian government intends to use cryptocurrency to replace legal currency. http://bit.ly/2JLScAg

? Coins and Mining

Ripple expands into South Korea via Moneygram-Sentbe partnership. Sentbe is the a payment processor for Samsung. http://bit.ly/2JM8SaP

Binance-backed cybersecurity company CertiK has launched its native CertiK Chain blockchain. http://bit.ly/2JK7mpx

Venezuelans traded more bolivars for Bitcoin than ever before last week, but thats thanks to the 10,000,000% Inflation. http://bit.ly/2JM8MzZ


  Exchange News

Binance Launchpad announces Tron-backed WINk IEO-> WINk is, in fact, a rebrand of the popular gaming platform, TRONbet. http://bit.ly/2JJdvCh

? Business

SWIFT announced a successful trial of instant cross-border transfers in Asia- the trial performed instant payments between 17 banks located in Australia, China, Canada, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Singapore, and Thailand, taking up to 25 seconds, with the fastest taking 13 seconds.http://bit.ly/2JK0hW2

Swedish cryptocurrency retailer QuickBit exposes over 300,000 records on public MongoDB database. http://bit.ly/2M4zbdL

UnionBank of the Philippines recently became the first Philippine bank to successfully pilot blockchain-based remittance from Singapore to the Philippines. technology offers an opportunity for smaller banks in the Philippines to boost lending and offer other financial services in rural areas. Union Bank of the Phillipines  http://bit.ly/2JNvx6t

Mercedes Benz parent company Daimler has partnered with blockchain firm Riddle & Code to produce a hardware wallet for automobiles. http://bit.ly/2M3repf

AlipayHK will extend mobile-wallet service nationally, granting Hong Kong users new payment rails in mainland China. http://bit.ly/2M4zgy5

? Regulations

Securitize: Why blockchain miners shouldn’t be considered broker-dealers: the legal view. http://bit.ly/2M8rfbp

The South Korean Justice Ministry estimates that cryptocurrency-related crimes have caused 2.69 trillion won (about $2.28 billion) of financial damage since July 2017.http://bit.ly/2Yep2Sl
Bank of Thailand is open to discuss Libra, concerned over security; to prudently study of both the benefits and risks of the virtual coin is still needed. http://bit.ly/2YnI48A

Iran has come to a final decision about its tariffs for cryptocurrency mining, and the Economic Commission of the government has agreed to set electricity prices for mining cryptocurrencies based on similar tariffs used for electricity exports. http://bit.ly/2JMObvl

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