Exchange Bitflyer Allows Bitcoin Purchase with Popular Rewards T Points

Exchange Bitflyer Allows Bitcoin Purchase with Popular Rewards T Points

Global Coin Research focuses on global cryptocurrency happenings. We are delighted to bring you the major happenings from Japan with our partnership with Coinpost, the number one leading cryptocurrency-focused media in Japan.

BitFlyer, a major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it will start a service to allow individuals to purchase virtual currency Bitcoin on their T point cards from August 20th onwards. 

GCR Comment: The T-point card is a typical loyalty point card that’s widely adopted in Japan. A number of different shops and businesses support the T-point card system. Namely, well-known department stores such as Tsutaya, Family Mart (convenience store), Yahoo Japan, Maruetsu (supermarket), Doutor (coffee shop), Excelsior Caffé, a whole list of family restaurants, Demae-kan. Tabe-log (restaurant guide/reservation site), and so on.

BitFlyer users will be able to use T points as a payment method when purchasing Bitcoin. If you buy bitcoins with T points, you can buy bitcoins worth 85 yen for 100 points. 

Services such as Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, a major electronics retailer, and SBI SECURITIES have already provided services for T-Point support for bitcoin payment.

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