Friday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

Binance co-founder He Yi explains why she calls the Venus project “Belt and Road version of Libra”. And she says the crypto-platform behemoth can handle regulators better than Facebook. https://bloom.bg/2NFZDv1 

Some details:
-Venus will likely run on a new chain, rather than the Binance Chain
– Binance will seek govt & co. partners in non-Western regions
– A 10-ppl team in legal, BD & tech is in place
– More details incl. partners TK in 3 months

Forbes previously reported that the People’s Bank of China is giving its first round of central bank digital currency (CBDC) to 8 institutions- > online retail giant Alibaba, Internet giant Tencent, five banking organizations and another unknown entity. Nevertheless, a few hours after later, a source told Sina Finance (one of China’s largest financial news providers) that the statement in the report was an inaccurate guess.http://bit.ly/2MLwq22
Relatedly, Binance research takes a look at the CBDC. http://bit.ly/2NGR3MI

Chinese wallet Bitpie Wallet recently accused the largest Ethereum wallet ImToken of faking DEX transactions and ImToken responds with data evidence and threatens legal action against Bitpie; ImToken also announce that they have now 9.15mn downloaded devices.http://bit.ly/2NEOHOg

Global Coin Research interviewed Japanese exchange Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori on the regulatory environment in Japan, and advice for new projects looking to enter the Japanese market. http://bit.ly/2NIz5t4



Blockchain-focused venture capital group Algo Capital has announced the closing of its new VC fund – Algo VC Fund – at $200 million, with backing from blockchain industry investors including NGC.  http://bit.ly/2ZpxoYr

₿ Coins and Mining

European Central Bank report-> an indepth report on stablecoins. http://bit.ly/2MNDo6U

Telegram will launch its Gram digital currency in October, according to its investors. http://bit.ly/2Zq1lIa

All-time revenue for Bitcoin miners has topped $14 billion, according to fresh data from Coin Metrics.

Hong Kong Businesses Begin Adopting Bitcoin as a Form of Protest: Numerous vendors have began offering crypto payment conversion into Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) in real time. http://bit.ly/2NB8NsK


  Exchange News

Binance launches its developer platform, Binance X.http://bit.ly/2NFk6jt

🧳 Business

China Has Filed the Most Blockchain Patent Applications in H1 2019: 10 most prolific applicants include Alibaba (322), PingAn (health insurance conglomerate)(274), Baidu (search engine) (90), China Unicom (telecom)(81). http://bit.ly/346XuhD

Japan’s conglomerates are rolling out crypto to electronic money exchange platforms. http://bit.ly/2NHyLee

Japan’s SBI to pay shareholders an interim dividend-like benefit in XRP cryptocurrency. http://bit.ly/2PoWXED

Thailand’s Customs Department intends to use IBM’s Tradelens blockchain solution to track shipping in Thai ports. http://bit.ly/2UhwtU5

Major phone operator China Telecom has released a white paper on blockchain-powered smartphones in the 5G Era. http://bit.ly/2Lfo3ZC

TSMC Is Accused of Multiple Infringements, Bitmain’s 7nm Bitcoin Miner Capacity May Be Affected. http://bit.ly/2LeVTha


Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong Province, could be the first pilot city in China to launch a national digital currency, following the central government’s plan to work out a cryptocurrency in the metropolis, nicknamed “China’s Silicon Valley.” http://bit.ly/2MNIL5U

Switzerland’s first licensed Crypto Bank Is is in talks with local regulators to seal a banking license in Singapore next. https://bloom.bg/2NFKiuv

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