Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

Bitcoin Co. Ltd. (BX.in.th), one of Thailand’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges,  abruptly announced that it is shutting down later this month.http://bit.ly/2HIB9NR

Binance acquires crypto derivatives exchange JEX to offer options, futures and perpetual contracts. http://bit.ly/2HGwqMu

Bitfinex CTO says non-custodial p2p lending is in the works. 

South Korean internet giant Kakao is reportedly planning to list its cryptocurrency Klay on a Chinese crypto exchange and one local exchange. http://bit.ly/34mXzOD

Brazil’s leading payment processor, Cielo, which operates 1.4 million point-of-sale devices and is a leading credit card provider in Brazil, is rolling out crypto payments. http://bit.ly/2HGwQm2

The central bank of Argentina has imposed restrictions on U.S. dollar (USD) purchases in an effort to revive its plunging currency, the Argentine peso. Individual Argentineans will now be limited to USD purchases of $10,000 a month. http://bit.ly/2HHrZRN



Algorand’s $200mn VC fund announces investment into: Securitize, Idex, BlockDaemon and OTCXN. https://bwnews.pr/30NoYHj

Tokyo-headquartered Bizit, the operator of M&A platform Bizit M&A, announced that it has raised ¥150 million ($1.4 million) from SBI Investment’s Blockchain and AI Fund. http://bit.ly/2UouaPe

? Coins and Mining

Samsung Galaxy S10 now supports 33 cryptocurrencies, including stable currencies such as Maker and TUSD. http://bit.ly/32suaQX

Zcash Q3 report: Q2 significant work included community and regulatory engagement in Japan, Singapore and S. Korea. But looking to curtail certain activities, including hiring plans in Asia and engagement given market environment. http://bit.ly/32qDHrX


  Exchange News

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has announced it is reducing the scope of its leveraged trading options to comply with local rules. http://bit.ly/2UlRdKG

? Business

HSBC says blockchain could ease small firms’ financing woes and also announces the completion of the world’s first Chinese yuan-denominated letter of credit blockchain transaction. http://bit.ly/2HI0vvr

Philippines’ CEZA Approves First Digital Asset Token Offering (DATO). http://bit.ly/32ijPXQ

Cryptocurrencies, Currency Competition and the Impossible Trinity.http://bit.ly/2HEm28k

“Big Four” consulting firm PwC’s Luxembourg branch will accept bitcoin payments from its clients, beginning Oct. 1. https://pwc.to/2HGrKpX

Philippine boxer and senator Manny Pacquiao launches his own cryptocurrency, to be listed on an exchange.https://reut.rs/2HGresm

How should one account for taxes in Japan when exchanging cryptocurrencies with electronic money platforms? http://bit.ly/2NHyLee

? Regulations

The Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan has submitted the draft law “On Amending the Tax Code” with the aim of introducing cryptocurrency mining taxation.http://bit.ly/32rYkUO

A Chinese Arrested for Luring Victims to Use Bitcoin Cold Wallet He Created, Stealing over 200 Bitcoins.http://bit.ly/2Lr3bhN

Crypto inquiries in Japan continue to drop for the 5th quarter in a row. http://bit.ly/2HFaOQE

Investors up their gold holdings for 3rd consecutive month amid trade-war risks.https://bloom.bg/2HGVZNx

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