Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News from Friday to This Week

Some thought-provoking ideas on the internet market in China that translates into the crypto world: “I find it bizarre that the world has decided that consumer internet is the highest form of technology…That’s why, I think, that the companies in Beijing work so hard. Since no one has any real, defensible IP, the only path to success is to brutally outwork the competition” and other interesting points by Dan Wang. http://bit.ly/36v8I0n

The South Korean Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution has recommended the government to allow financial institutions to launch cryptocurrency-based financial products. Says “Bitcoin should be listed directly on Korea Exchange”.http://bit.ly/2QtPnH4

2020 Annual Meeting in China: China’s Central Bank to Forge Ahead Development of Fiat Digital Currency. http://bit.ly/2QQ7hCZ

On January 4th, the president of the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA) said that most exchanges in Japan are losing money due to Japanese regulations. In the next six months, the local exchange space may see closures or consolidation.

China’s Nationwide Blockchain Service Network is Coming Soon With Hundreds of City Nodes. http://bit.ly/2FtNRhW

GCR: Upcoming Blockchain Events in Japan. http://bit.ly/2N1wjhk


  Exchange News

OKEx COO resigns to start his own blockchain consultancy firm BitWork. http://bit.ly/2tyK5RU

 Most Significant Exchange Hacks of 2019 — New Record of Twelve in One Year: http://bit.ly/35yqFcR



Dominant Theories As Bitcoin Halving 2020 Approaches. http://bit.ly/2ZWt3JB

Bitmain May Lay off Half of Employees, Ousted Co-Founder Speaks out Against It. http://bit.ly/2Qw2UOn

Messaging giant LINE’s crypto exchange Bitbox delisting XRP. http://bit.ly/300l0LS

Starkware recentlywarned users about a copycat of itself that has come out of China attempting to distribute Starkware tokens. Starkware does not have any tokens.

Internet giant Baidu just launched its Xuperchain cryptocurrency. http://bit.ly/2SXVNQp

? Business

Hong Kong can learn from Israel’s start-up experience, position itself as leading fintech and blockchain hub, Tel Aviv official says. http://bit.ly/37HfVdW

The Shanghai Stock Exchange just launched a ‘Blockchain 50 Index’—and it’s off to a hot start. http://bit.ly/39NunmC

Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Grab, Razer lay their bets on SG digital banking. http://bit.ly/36x4LIj


Singapore, China regulators jointly discuss blockchain for capital markets. http://bit.ly/2sPW4dy

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