Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News from Tuesday to Today

For the 10th quarterly BNB Burn (October to December 2019), Binance burned 2,216,888 BNB, equivalent to 38.8 million USD worth of tokens.  Other takeaways: Binance Futures now regularly surpasses the Binance Spot exchange in terms of daily trading volumes; Binance.US currently has the third-highest volume amongst all Binance exchanges. http://bit.ly/36cvrgs

When Options? Part 1. by Arthur Hayes of Bitmex. http://bit.ly/2TJsLnZ

China’s blockchain startups got $3.5 billion in 2019-That’s half as much as in 2018. Also: The PlusToken scam is alive and well. http://bit.ly/2TJymL1

RenrenBit, a digital currency bank from China, released its 2019 financial report (unaudited)-user assets is equivalent to 168 million USDT, annual revenue is 2.31 million USDT, net profit is 610,000 USDT, and total assets amount to 243 million USDT.

Note: There will be no newsletter Friday given Chinese New Year


  Exchange News

Binance has launched peer-to-peer (P2P) trading for the Vietnamese dong (VND).http://bit.ly/37dvfPt

OKEx has completed the acquisition of the index trading platform BBX and SaaS platform Tiger.Cloud in 2019. After finished these two acquisitions, OKEx has entered into a wider contract trading markets. http://bit.ly/30DHVNb

Which is better, bitFlyer or Coincheck? Thorough comparison of functions, fees and reputation.  google translate

Cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex, which currently operates in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, has received the green light to operate in Thailand. http://bit.ly/2NKIgbx

COSS, a three-year-old exchange based in Singapore, locked up some $2 million of customer money—and continues to maintain that the site needs to be offline for a much-needed upgrade. http://bit.ly/2NJxK4t



Funds of funds come calling in crypto, but where are the LPs? http://bit.ly/2G7egm3



South Korea considers 20% income tax on cryptocurrencies. http://bit.ly/2RGfmuC

? Business

Indonesia’s decentralized island society makes blockchain a must-have. http://bit.ly/36aixQq

PBoC-backed Blockchain Trade Finance Platform Wins the Country’s Highest Support With $4.7 Million Grants: http://bit.ly/38hXm0a


Monetary Authority of Singapore’s concerns about digital currencies and the three types of MAS regulatory licenses. Google translate

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is looking to implement crypto taxes in his native land. http://bit.ly/3awUOxg

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