Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News from Friday to Today

China’s to quarantine old Bank Notes, making it a case for its Digital Currency. https://bloom.bg/2SPN55m

After GCR’s reporting of the complete system overhaul, cryptocurrency exchange Fcoin CEO now announce that they expect to default on as much as $125M of users’ bitcoin. http://bit.ly/2u6Fgjj

Binance Cloud’s whitelabeled exchange to Allow Users to Launch a Crypto Exchange Within 5 Days: http://bit.ly/38zxH3G

Japan Crypto Snapshot — Year-to-End Drop in BTC Holdings —an indepth look at the Cryptocurrency Monthly Trade Data published by JVCEA. http://bit.ly/2SVTYC7

Fintech Infrastructure 101 – Overview & Market Landscape by Chris McCann. http://bit.ly/3bQBT15


  Exchange and Markets News

Bithumb Forms New Partnership with Bitmax to Develop Service and Products: http://bit.ly/37zNu0U

Binance Holdings has applied for an operating license in Singapore under the country’s new payments legislation. https://bloom.bg/2PhcaFp

Binance Opens Won-based Cryptocurrency Purchase Service: http://bit.ly/39Ho4zR



London-based crypto custodian Copper.co has raised $8 million in Series A funding round to expand globally, including North America and Asia. http://bit.ly/2SSIHCA


Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Stagnates as Coronavirus Outbreak Delays New Equipment. http://bit.ly/3bEYmxX

What’sminer Machine sold about 600,000 mining machines in 2019, making up for 30% of the total network computing power. It’s revenue may reach 9 digits in US dollars. http://bit.ly/2HvG7Nt



EOS Price Plummets due to Creator’s Coronavirus Comment despite the Launch of Its Long-Awaited Voice. http://bit.ly/2SPhcK9

Chinese blockchain startup Conflux has hired Eden Dhaliwal, the former head of crypto at Outlier Ventures, as a managing director to lead its expansion in North America. http://bit.ly/2u6Fl6B

Enjin has announced the launch of its game development platform on Ethereum. http://bit.ly/2P7GjH4

🧳 Business

The latest Chinese digital currency developments are unlikely to impact crypto assets in the long-term, as the issuance of a digital yuan would be tightly controlled with no public mining or trading with existing cryptos. http://bit.ly/327BSkU

China: Blockchain Deployment Rises Amid Coronavirus Outbreak. http://bit.ly/3bDMa0e


Japan Uneased by Chinese CBDC, Plans on Digital Yen in ‘2 to 3’ Years: http://bit.ly/3bKIZEa

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