2020 Crypto Insights By 20 Thought Leaders In Asia (Part 1)

2020 Crypto Insights By 20 Thought Leaders In Asia (Part 1)

This is a contributing article from Yusho Liu, Co-founder of Coinhako.com, a digital assets wallet service based in Singapore . This post initially appeared on Medium.

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The end of the 2010s marks the first full decade for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. From the emergence of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2008, cryptocurrencies have come a long way and catapulted into the mainstream towards the end.

When my partner, Gerry, and I first set up Coinhako in 2014, a simple thing like buying BTC was either too complicated or hard to be found in our home country of Singapore.

Coinhako V1 — Circa 2014

As countries in the East raced towards supremacy as a blockchain hub towards the end of the 2010s, Singapore — with its world class business landscape and strong links to surrounding countries — emerged as a top choice for cryptocurrency companies to springboard into the fragmented Southeast Asia population goldmine of 600 million. This opened the regional blockchain ecosystem into one that hosts hundreds, if not thousands, of exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain projects today.

With the Payment Services Act — arguably the world’s most comprehensive regulatory framework governing blockchain businesses till date — set to come into action on 28 January 2020, we will see Singapore further cementing its position as a forward thinking nation and as a Global Fintech Hub.

Before 2019 ended, I took the time to gather insights from 20 other cryptocurrency thought leaders in Asia.

With so many interesting perspectives to digest, I have split this up into 2 parts and here is the first of what everyone has to say about 2020:

Bobby Ong — Co-Founder, CoinGecko

Matthew Tan — Founder, Etherscan

Ben Chan — CTO, BitGo

Spencer Yang — VP of Operations, CoinMarketCap

Liu Tianwei — CEO, Xfers

Darius Sit — Managing Partner, QCP Capital

Shaun Djie — Co Founder, Digix Global

Delroy Fong — Head of Trading, FBG APAC

Eddie Chew — VP of Corporate Affairs, Bitmain

After 2 years of ‘crypto winters’, what do you think? Are we to expect another gloomy year or will we see a galactic 2020 the industry?

This next decade for cryptocurrencies and blockchain is certainly one to be watched, for everyone.

More insights to come with Part 2..

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