2020 Crypto Insights By 20 Thought Leaders In Asia (Part 2)

2020 Crypto Insights By 20 Thought Leaders In Asia (Part 2)

This is a contributing article from Yusho Liu, Co-founder of Coinhako.com, a digital assets wallet service based in Singapore . This post initially appeared on Medium.

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With the completion of the first full decade for cryptocurrencies–or Digital Payment Tokens (DPT) as defined by regulators–and blockchain, I gathered 20 insights about 2020 from cryptocurrency thought leaders in Asia.

In Part 1, I shared the first half of the compilation, which covered a wide range of topics like cryptocurrency price resurgence predictions, prevailing trends about DeFi, adoption by institutions and governments, the importance of Stablecoins and the rise of blockchain in Asia.

With Singapore set to emerge as a top player, in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the east, here is part 2 of all the insights about 2020, from these esteemed members of the Asian blockchain scene!

There are so many promising developments for cryptocurrencies and blockchain to look forward to in 2020.

Happy $10k!!

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