Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

 Top News from Friday to Today

Despite the impact of the Coronavirus on the world, the equity indices in China has returned to roughly 2% of its high from before the Coronavirus, while equities markets in the United States and Europe dropped sharply as investors fear over the continued spread of the virus. http://bit.ly/37YM14q

A Comparison of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency DCEP with Sweden’s e-krona. http://bit.ly/2HUEAks

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has recently released the Financial Distributed Ledger Technology Security Specification (JR/T 0184—2020), which is also deemed as the first blockchain standard for the financial industry in the country. http://bit.ly/2w1rpeC

Fidelity buys Hong Kong-based BC stake, but the Hong Kong SFC license is the real prize. http://bit.ly/2T5hFru

The chase for the hottest license for crypto businesses in Asia. http://bit.ly/2vdb8TU


  Exchange and Markets News

FTX is selling its equity for bitcoin and other payment methods. http://bit.ly/2SV2yCd

FCoin Exchange Shutdown: Technical Difficulties or Planned Scam? http://bit.ly/37YtdSM

Binance Adds Hong Kong Dollars to Fiat Gateway. http://bit.ly/38Y3OtN



Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings Inc. has led a group of investors participating in a Series B $16.75 million funding round for CoolBitX, a Taiwanese blockchain security company, valuing the company at $91mn. http://bit.ly/38YK2i1


As electricity prices rise in China, some local Bitcoin miners are moving their operations to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. http://bit.ly/2w0oIKv



Block Kong Breakfast: Fangfang Chen, Algorand. http://bit.ly/2TppOaL

Blockchain software developer Block.one promised in September to add 170 jobs in Arlington, VA over three years, so we’re checking in on where its local employee numbers stand. http://bit.ly/38Ww1Bp

Tether and Binance have completed a chain swap of 300,000,000 $USDT from Tron to Ethereum. http://bit.ly/2Vjc9o8

Etherscan, the Ethereum block browser, recently disclosed that its monthly active users exceeded 5 million, application program interface (API) calls reached billions of times, and smart contract verifications exceeded 70,000. http://bit.ly/2T5iEIc

? Business

Crypto market maker B2C2, which sued crypto exchange operator Quoine in 2017 over bitcoin trades worth millions that were reversed, has just won the case in Singapore. http://bit.ly/2SXAbTZ


Three Japanese authorities – the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and the Bank of Japan (BOJ) – are said to have joined forces to promote research on digital currencies. http://bit.ly/37YNesu

Seoul’s government plans to launch its highly anticipated “blockchain petition system”on March 1. The system will allow residents of the capital city to propose suggestions to the government about potential changes to existing policies. http://bit.ly/32pMATC

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