$GCR Tokenomics

$GCR Tokenomics

$GCR Token Allocation

Supply: 10,000,000 $GCR
Contract Address: 0x6307b25a665efc992ec1c1bc403c38f3ddd7c661

The $GCR token holds no inherent value. It will launch with the sole use case of being used for governance.

There will be a total supply of 10 million $GCR tokens with the following distribution:

  1. Community treasury: 70% that is allocated across initial airdrop distribution, media mining program, and community treasury
    • Past GCR readers from the last 4 years (more detail to come): 3%
    • GCR Discord group airdrop: 3%
    • Media Mining: 15%
    • Community incentives (partner airdrops, social media campaigns, community writing bounties): 49%
  2. Team (current and future): 20% to current team and advisors, and another 10% that is allocated to future team

Seed Club will receive a 2% allocation of the community treasury due to GCR being a part of the second social token cohort. The Seed Club allocations will be subject to the same schedule as the community treasury.

Token Vesting Schedule

40% of the total token supply is available starting today, with the remaining tokens 60% unlocked after one year, and vested for a period of 3 years in line with the schedule below.

  • Year 0 (Feb 2021- Feb 2022): 40% of the tokens vested or 4 million tokens
  • Year 1 (Feb 2022- Feb 2023): 30% of the treasury tokens vested or 3 million tokens
  • Year 2 (Feb 2023- Feb 2024): 20% of the treasury tokens vested or 2 million tokens
  • Year 3 (Feb 2024- Feb 2025): 10% of the treasury tokens vested or 1 million tokens

Community Treasury

70% of all $GCR tokens have been allocated to a community treasury. The community treasury is held in a multi-sig to be distributed at the community’s choosing. The above token vesting schedule applies to the community treasury. Treasury tokens are used at the discretion of the community, and may be allocated to any and all programs that add value to the ecosystem.

Team and Advisor Allocation

30% of the total $GCR supply will be allocated to Global Coin LLC. (the company that builds Global Coin Research) and its advisors. These tokens will be vested linearly over a period of 4 years on the same schedule as the community treasury.

What Else Can I Do with My $GCR?

  1. Governance– The main purpose of $GCR is to be used to govern our entire ecosystem including the publishing platform, treasury, and operations. GlobalCoinResearch will over time hand over all control and management to the community. There will be community assigned editors and administrators. In the meanwhile, the token will be used to subsidize and form community bounties for the writers.
  2. Liquidity- Users can add liquidity to the $GCR <> ETH Uniswap pool and stake those to earn yield.
  3. Access– holders of $GCR can access our exclusive $GCR community events in Discord- including the most up-to-date research and analysis in the group, founder access, and ongoing direct deal flow.
  4. HODL– Starting soon, $GCR holders will have an opportunity to earn from the community rewards pool. The ability to claim will be dependent on the amount of on-chain actions they take within our ecosystem.

Acquire $GCR Through Uniswap

1.  Turn your Fiat ($,£,€, etc.) into Ethereum (Cryptocurrency). For most of you the easiest way to do that will be via CoinbaseClick here for a tutorial on how to setup a coinbase account.

2.  Once you’ve setup a Coinbase account, purchase some Ethereum.

3.  On desktop Install a browser-based Ethereum wallet called MetaMask. Click here for a tutorial on how to install Metamask.

4.  Next send your purchased Ethereum from Coinbase to the Metamask. 

5.  With Ethereum in your Metamask you can now swap your Ethereum for $GCR at the Uniswap Exchange. Here’s a tutorial on how to use Uniswap.

6. Congrats! You are now part of the GCR Community. Check out our Discord to get access to all our community events and resources directly.

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