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Seashell Unveils Inflation-Resistant Savings App...

Seed round was co-led by Khosla Ventures and Kindred Ventures, joined by Mark Cuban, Vlad Tenev, Elad Gil, Coinbase Ventures, and more. SEATTLE, Jan. 13,

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GCR Crypto Investments in 2021

Background Since launching the $GCR token 6 months ago and kicking off the inception of our DAO, the community has grown organically into one of the best

axie infinity rally nft

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NFT.NYC Axie Rally – 11.04.2021

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How Does Tokenmak’s Liquidity Staking...

Protocol mechanism, token economics, and the development status of Tokenmask Did You Know? Every two weeks, the $GCR Community gets together for our exclusive token

gcr ygg happy hour new york

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The Future of Gaming with...

Join us for a special Happy Hour with Founders of Yield Guild Games, Gabby and Beryl! Please RSVP and register so we can save you

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The GCR Community

Global Coin Research is a tokenized, decentralized community of learners and investors in web3.$GCR is the native token of the community, which allows members who


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What is $GCR? $GCR is a research and investment DAO focused on Web3. It’s where all the best writers, researchers, and community members in the

$GCR Deal Stats

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$GCR Community Deal Access: Some...

Since the inception of $GCR, members in our Discord have enjoyed direct access to crypto news and information on Global Coin Research, founder meetings and teach-in

media mining special

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The Media Mining Monthly Special

On a monthly basis, the GCR team will share a specific topic that writers can write about and earn more tokens on, in addition to the ongoing