This is what our partners and community members said about us

GCR has been an invaluable design partner for Share. They were fully engaged and provided critical feedback. They also helped us think about our own strategy and connect with future partners. Amazing team & community!
We're grateful to have GCR in our corner - their dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the investment space is impressive, and they've helped us with tons of awesome product feedback. Their insights have helped us develop a more sophisticated payroll platform that meets the needs of the Web3 community.
GCR came out of SC02 and has been a great alum and a valuable partner for us at Seed Club. We look forward to having them continuing pushing the forefront of investment DAOs.
@Globalcoinrsrch has been really helpful as an investor!
GCR is the Web3 version of added-value investors, they just get the new Internet, what Talent Protocol is all about and help us hit our goals.
I was researching different DAOs and got introduced to GCR. I'd love to contribute as a core contributor, as well as an Ambassador/Evangelist for GCR in the future.
My current experience with the GCR DAO has been great as the overall organization has been welcoming and helpful. Relevant current affiliation is with another DAO, Standard DAO, which is a community-backed treasury containing diversified assets focused on ESG investing.
I now actively trade cryptos and NFTs while also spending time being involved in and contributing work to DAOs and Web3 communities. I'm basically a “Web3 grinder” 🙂 I have so far very much enjoyed hanging out in the GCR Discord and think the GCR community is a great one.
GCR gives me the feeling that I am part of a digital tribe with like-minded investors & researchers where everyone is sharing their vision.