How do I earn GCR Tokens?

Once you register for an account on Global Coin Research, certain actions you do on the site will start allowing you to earn GCR Tokens.

Below are the current list of actions and token amounts you can earn:

Registering for an account: 20 GCRs

What can I do with the token?

You will be able to use the token to make a contributor post on GCR, and in return, you have the potential to earn more tokens.

Here is how contributors can earn tokens:

Publishing content: 50 GCR per publish (upon approval), 1 GCR token per post view

Interested writers can apply to be a contributor here.

Referring post views: 1 GCR per view

Referring sign ups: 10 GCR signups (maximum 10/week)

How do I turn GCRs and trade it for stablecoins/fiat/other crypto?

we are working with multiple potential exchanges as we speak and will soon allow you to withdraw your GCR tokens for trading (estimated timeframe Q2 2020)