GCR 101

1) What is GCR?

GCR is a research and investment DAO.

Holders of $GCR and writers on the platform get access to the best resources the community has to offer, including but not limited to deep insights and research generated by the community, founder-focused events online and offline, learning and user feedback sessions, and direct deal-flow.

2) Who are the GCR community members?

  • Angels, VCs, technologists, executives in the crypto space and beyond who are looking to support a project long term
  • Long-term members and supporters such as Benny Giang, co-founder of Cryptokitties, Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital, Amber Group, Metacartel DAO, EthGlobal, the Near founding team, Partners at Hashed, Seed Club and more.
  • The GCR community is global by nature, they speak many languages and very tapped into the crypto opportunities around the world.

Join the Community now! You will need 100 $GCR to join.

3) How are you different from other investment DAOs?

  • While the $GCR token allows one to vote on governance and community decisions, that’s to the extent of our similarities with a DAO.
  • For any deal flow presented to the GCR community, every member has a choice. They can decide to invest if they want to, or pass.
  • In the current, majority of the investment DAO structure, members pool their capital together, and everyone votes on each investment. The majority decision wins on whether to invest in a deal.
  • Our members have had the opportunity to invest in the following deals.


1) How can I join the GCR community?

Great question! There are many ways to be involved:

  1. You can first visit our website
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter and check our events calendar
  3. If you are interested in our past deals, you can learn more about our investments

If you are ready to officially join our Discord channel, join here!

After joining the Discord channel, follow these steps:

  1. Get verified in the verification channel: [get-verified]

2. Learn about the community and membership of GCR: [learning-center]

Once you are verified, you will see a green checkmark next to your username. Welcome to the family!

2) What are different membership tiers within GCR?

If you are in the Discord channel, please go to [learning-center] and click “Memberships” for more information.

If you are not in the Discord channel, below is a quick summary of different membership tiers.

  • It is free to join the GCR community as a community member
  • If you would like more access, you need to buy $GCR tokens to be Pioneer, Gold or Gold Pro members
  • Currently, as of March 2022, you need 700 $GCR tokens to become a Gold member and 2,000 $GCR tokens to become a Gold Pro member
  • The Community/Pioneer membership currently requires 100 $GCR.

3) How can I purchase $GCR?

Follow the following steps if you want to purchase $GCR coins (through Uniswap or QuickSwap):

  1. Turn your Fiat ($,£,€, etc.) into USDC (stablecoin), Polygon (cryptocurrency) or Ethereum (cryptocurrency). For most, the easiest way to do that will be via CoinbaseClick here for a tutorial on how to setup a Coinbase account. You can also purchase USDC, Polygon or Ethereum on other crypto exchanges (e.g. Binance).
  2.  Once you have set up an account on Coinbase or other exchanges (e.g. Binance), purchase some Ethereum, Polygon or USDC. Before you purchase them, check $GCR price to understand how many $GCR coins you want to purchase.
  3. On your desktop, install a browser-based Ethereum wallet called MetaMask. Click here for a tutorial on how to install MetaMask. Other browser-based Ethereum wallets (e.g. Coinbase wallet) also work.
  4. Send your purchased tokens from Coinbase or other exchanges to your Ethereum wallet (e.g. MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet).
  5. You can now swap your USDC or Ethereum for $GCR at the Uniswap ExchangeHere’s a tutorial on how to use Uniswap. You can also swap your Polygon for $GCR at the QuickSwap Exchange.
  6. Congrats! You are now part of the GCR Community. Check out our Discord to get access to all our community events and resources directly.

4) Is the $GCR token available on other blockchains?

Currently, $GCR can be purchased with Ethereum and Polygon. However, to withdraw $GCR from globalcoinresearch.com, it is only available on the Ethereum network. We are working to integrate with other networks to allow more options for current and potential GCR community members.

5) Where can I access ongoing deals as Pioneer / Gold / Gold Pro member?

In Discord server, head over to #deal-sourcing-and-suggestions-v2 to get access to ongoing deals.

If you click the # button (threads) on the top right, you can see active and archived threads to current and past deals.

Make sure to turn on your notification to #deal-announcements to stay up to date on the most recent deals!

6) What is the process behind participating in an investment round?

  1. Typically, we start with an investment call with the founding team. These calls are listed in #events and a thread is created under #deal-sourcing-and-suggestions-v2. At this point, the project will be listed as DILIGENCE.
  2. After the call, community members can engage in discussion on the deal thread, and ask follow-up questions.
  3. Once the terms of fundraising are set, a Google Signup Form will be shared for interested parties and the thread will be updated to the RAISING. If a member is interested in investing in the project, they will be prompted to fill out the form.
  4. After the Google Form is filled, the team will contact the member to confirm this interest by email. If the member confirmed the interest, but back out at the time of funding, the member will be penalized and may be restricted from participating in future deal opportunities.
  5. Once confirmations are final from the community, the status of the deal thread will be updated to CLOSED.
  6. A DocuSign is sent prompting payment (with wiring information), KYC and Self Accreditation. Members are also required to fill out a tax form (W8/W9) for tax purposes.
  7. How long does the investment process take?

For more FAQs, head to Deals FAQ

7) How can I contribute to GCR community?

Welcome to the community! We love the spirit!

There are a lot of ways for you to contribute to GCR. The best part: you will be compensated for your work!

First, complete this form and the core team will reach out to you.

If you like the work that you do as a contributor and we get along well, there is an opportunity for you to join the GCR team as a part-time or full-time member!

8) Can I attend IRL events if I have 0 GCR tokens?

In order to have access also to our events, you will need to have at least Pioneer status.

9) What are the details of the $GCR Tokeneconomics?

A fixed total of 10M $GCR tokens exist. No more $GCR tokens can ever be minted/created. To read our detailed Tokenomics, go here

GCR Research Pool

10) What is GCR Research Pool?

This program is open to all GCR members and researchers interested in contributing their Web3 insights and analysis to our community. See full instructions here.

11) Can I write articles if I have 0 GCR tokens?

Yes! You can write by simply follow the instruction link in 10)

12) What topics can I write for Research Pool?

Check out some of the kickass pieces by our writers: