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How to Register .ETH Domain...

Web3 rewards the early adopters and so was the case with ENS (Ethereum Name Service) when they recently rewarded the early .ETH name holders with


Synthetic Assets In The Evolving...

 Synthetic assets have been around for quite some time. They’re simply assets that reflect the value of other assets.  A deed to a house is


StarTerra – Gaming Your Way...

The cryptocurrency space has made incredible progress in the recent past however, discovering and identifying promising projects is a daunting task. The increasing number of


Managing A Web3 Community

A Guide For Community Builders! Before diving into the specifics of managing a web3 community, we need to be clear with the definition of web3,


Olympus V2 Migration?—?Explained

What started with DeFi grew into DeFi 2.0 and Olympus is the pioneer of this space. And what exactly is DeFi 2.0, EB?  DeFi 2.0


Nansen: Crypto’s Most Powerful Forecaster

The following is by Zachary Roth, professional writer, and Product Manager at Solrise Finance. Subscribe to Zachary’s newsletter, DAOJones, here.   Introduction Nansen transcends your expectations of


The Current State of the...

I. Introduction With the recent Sushi drama, Curve V2, and Uniswap coming to Polygon I figured it'd be a good time to recap where each


An Insightful Look At Trends...

2021 has turned out to be the year of NFTs. While they have been around for years, they existed only as a niche within the

$GCR community call

GCR Announcement

$GCR Community Call Recap –...

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