$GCR Deals – FAQ

If you are part of the $GCR Discord member community, and you are interested in participating in deals led by us or brought forth by $GCR, checkout the FAQ below.

What are $GCR deals?

$GCR deals is an unique offering of the $GCR membership. When holding a set number of $GCR tokens, members are able to get access to all sorts of deals sourced by the GCR team and the community. To get access, hold the mandated number of tokens below and go to #🔗get-membership

the numbers above are subjected to change. This is the current status as of Jun 2021.

How are you different from an investment DAO?

Unlike how a typical investment DAO operates, where members vote with pooled capital and the group goes with the majority decision, holding $GCR tokens gives every member the flexibility and choice of investing into any single deal that they want to participate in. 

How do the $GCR deals work?

Generally, the team or someone in the community knows the management of the organization and are able to secure an allocation.

Alternatively, we partner with an external party that has access to these allocations and bring them to our community.

What kind of investment deals do you do?

Here are the types of deals we’ve done:

seed round opportunities in the forms of SAFT/SAFE+token warrant/SAFE
mid-stage growth companies
pre-IPO and growth equity investments
Industries we’ve done these deals in:

Cryptocurrency and blockchain (i.e. Maple Finance, Coinvise, etc)
Biotech (Gilgamesh, Dutchie, etc)
Space travel (SpaceX)
AI (Rain AI)

What are the general steps to investing with $GCR?

Become a member, and follow our Discord channel in #💰new-deals and keep an eye out for new deals. The ALPHA Discord channel also has its own exclusive Discord channel for deals. ALPHA and GOLD channels often get shown the popular deals first.

Oftentimes, $GCR will hold a direct call to have investors meet the project management. Become a GOLD member and join the calls directly with founders. Go to #🙋gcr-and-membership-basics to learn more.

Alternatively, when there is no management call, $GCR will share written notes and project details in the Discord and Discourse.

Once you are good to invest, indicate your desired allocation in the interest form (typically the minimum check size is $5000 USD, we do make exceptions for members who are active contributors in the community)

You will receive follow-up instructions on wiring and funding. For crypto deals, wiring and funding will typically be in USDC. For non-crypto deals, it typically will be in USD.

What are the fees and structure involved with participating in these deals?

Fees and structure vary a lot by the deal. Here are some of the different setups we’ve done in the past

Introduce the community directly to the founder to invest in the deal directly
Invest collectively under a $GCR vehicle
Invest collectively under a $GCR partner vehicle
Fees vary by the deal, carry can range from 0-20%. There are also operation fees (gas fees, k1 docs, KYC) involved which will depend on the deal and will be split amongst the participating investors.

What happens after I make my investments?

$GCR keeps the community updated on their investment in the #🥳-gcr-deal-update channel.

When the time comes for distribution, investors will be emailed individually to receive their distributions.

Let us know if you have other questions!