Calling for Submissions for the GCR Research Pool

Calling for Submissions for the GCR Research Pool

GCR DAO is excited to announce the launch of our new research program – GCR Research Pool – led by Chaos and Hang, our long-time research contributors at GCR.

This program is open to all GCR members and researchers interested in contributing their Web3 insights and analysis to our community.

With this new Research Pool research program in place, we are looking to replace the current Media Mining program that has generated thousands of dollars for our existing writers and writers in the past.

Key Features of the Research Pool

  • Join the community of elite researchers and editors at GCR and collaborate with them to uncover valuable insights and analysis.
  • Gain exposure and build your brand. Get your work featured on our premier platforms such as, our widely-read member newsletter, and our various social media channels.
  • Earn $350 in USDC tokens as compensation for your contributions.

Examples of Previous Research

How to Join Us

  • If you are interested in joining the GCR Research Pool, please fill out the interest form HERE.
  • Once we receive your form, we will contact you with more information on how to proceed further.

With the ability to earn $USDC for every piece published, we want to continue to empower the researchers to do what they do best, promote them and allow them to get paid for their work seamlessly. We will try to accommodate all payouts as fast as we can and they will be made quickly via the Ethereum network.

We look forward to receiving your contributions and working together to advance the field of cryptocurrency and Web3 research.


  • Please make sure you read the program’s terms and conditions before signing up.
  • Hang and Chaos will work with you to refine your article before it gets published to ensure quality. Successful researchers may be considered for more significant roles within GCR DAO.
  • And most importantly, GL writing & HF!


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