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Global Coin Research

Sweatcoin Deep Dive

Source: Sweatcoin Sweatcoin has been gaining lots of traction ever since it announced its web3

Global Coin Research

GCR Investment Review – Second ...

By Cosmo Jiang, Jin Kang, Junney Kang Highlights GCR is a research and investment DAO.

What are blockchain bridges, and why do need them?

What are Blockchain Bridges, and ...

When trying to understand blockchain technology and DeFi, the financial and technical jargon can get

How Should Governments React to ...

Note: This is Part 2 of a 2 part series that looks at why governments

The Capital Efficiency of DeFi and Web3 — a threat to incumbents.

The Capital Efficiency of DeFi ...

How DeFi compares with TradFi and what this means for the next generation of founders

A Deep Dive into the ...

This is the second part of the paper that gives an insight into the existing

Proof of Work: Definition, How ...

The Proof of Work protocol, or Proof of Work, is the best known and oldest

Overview of SushiSwap Defi Protocol

Learn about the history, products, and governance mechanisms behind Sushi DeFi protocol. Overview SushiSwap is

ETH2 Staking vs Competing L1s

Introduction Layer 1 tokens are inherently difficult to value. One way to approach valuation is