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Introduction Global Coin Research (GCR) is a research and investment DAO focused on Web3. Our mission is to pioneer the future of community-driven investing. At


What’s the Difference Between a...

by Carlos Solana Why own an NFT when you could just download the image depicted on it, save it, and look at it as many


How Web3 is Disrupting Traditional...

The application of blockchain technology is catching the attention of the nonprofit community. By Bleu Blakslee To survive the pandemic, nonprofits have had to navigate


Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage...

Michael Braun, Ph.D. Causes and Consequences of Skilled Labor Shortages Unfilled positions in skilled trades have reached crisis levels in the U.S. labor market. Skilled


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BreederDAO NFT Asset Factory is...

TL:DR- BreederDAO is on a tear to disrupt the P2E space. The current market valuation is attractive as the market cap is lower than the

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Stephen Chou – Missionary Mindsets...

Our guest today is Stephen Chou, Principal at Translink Capital leading web3 and gaming investments. Translink is a traditional early-stage venture capital fund based in

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GCR Community Call Recap 05...

Agenda New Core MembersLast One Month of AccomplishmentsGCR Investment Review – Q1 2022Ongoing Campaigns New Core Member Cosmo - GCR Strategist / Deal Lead Jasper


Everything You Need To Know...

TL;DR FloorDAO leverages NFTx and Olympus DAO to become a top decentralized Market Maker for NFTs.FloorDAO may adopt ve-tokenomics & gauge, similar to Curve Finance.

GCR Announcement GCR Exclusive Podcast

Joshua Lim – Using Derivatives...

Our guest today is Joshua Lim, Managing Director and Head of Derivatives at Genesis Trading. Genesis Trading is a digital currency prime brokerage that allows