$GCR Media Mining Writer FAQ

If you are part of the $GCR Media Mining writers group, and you have questions on your earnings checkout the FAQ below.

What is Media Mining?

In simple terms, GCR Media Mining allows contributors, writers and researchers on Global Coin Research to earn $GCR tokens in exchange for their work.

GCR is disrupting the publishing platforms in numerous ways, but here are the main things:

  • All writers on Global Coin Research will earn $GCR tokens
  • Anyone can become a writer and earn $GCR when they write a piece on Global Coin Research
  • All writers’ pieces on GCR will be promoted on Global Coin Research’s widely distributed newsletter, along with social media and all our community channels.
  • Seasoned GCR writers can opt to become an editor and can earn $GCR tokens when they edit a piece
  • Writers and editors will get $GCR immediately upon approval of the piece

What do writers get by writing on Globalcoinresearch.com?

  • Anyone now can become a writer on GCR if their piece pass through the editorial review. Start with registering for an account today
  • Writers and editors will get $GCRs in their account immediately after the post gets approved
  • Writers get access to all the Global Coin Research’s existing resources – editors, social media, outreach teams to surface your content with the best SEO
  • Writers will qualify to join our Discord writers channel where they can share breaking news and insights, best practices and more.

How long is the Media Mining running for?

The $GCR media mining program will begin at 12:00PM PDT on April 15, 2021. The mining program will run for a period of 90 days.

**update! Media mining has been extended for another 30 days! The program will end in July 15th.

How much pay do I get when I write and contribute to Media Mining?

Every writer will earn 250 $GCR for their new, original and exclusive pieces on GCR during this period. To learn more on how to write on the platform, go here.

Upwards of 15% of all $GCR tokens have been allocated to the $GCR media mining phase.

Where can I see my earnings?

you can see your total token balance in Dashboard on the upper right hand corner.

How come I can’t withdraw my GCR tokens even though I see it in my profile?

$GCR tokens released under media mining are locked up for 2 months since the date earned, and will be vested linearly for 6 months.

This means that you will be able to withdraw all your tokens earned initially after 8 months.

When your tokens are vested, you will be able to see the amount that you can withdraw in your dashboard. Overtime, writers will eventually be paid directly by the readers on the platform.

Where can I learn more about Media Mining?

Join our Discord and ask all your questions in the writers channel!

What Else Can I Do with My $GCR?

  1. Governance– The main purpose of $GCR is to be used to govern our entire ecosystem including the publishing platform, treasury, and operations. GlobalCoinResearch will over time hand overall control and management to the community. There will be community-assigned editors and administrators. In the meanwhile, the token will be used to subsidize and form community bounties for the writers.
  2. Liquidity- Users can add liquidity to the $GCR <> ETH Uniswap pool and stake those to earn yield.
  3. Access– holders of $GCR can access our exclusive $GCR community events in Discord- including the most up-to-date research and analysis in the group, founder access, and ongoing direct deal flow.
  4. For Writers- Crypto writers are a core part of our ecosystem. Over time, readers will pay $GCR to read quality content on Global Coin Research.
  5. HODL– Starting soon, GCR holders will have an opportunity to earn from the community rewards pool. The ability to claim will be dependent on the amount of on-chain actions they take within our ecosystem.