How to Submit Contributor Posts

To contribute a post and earn $GCR, follow the instructions below.

Please note, below are the types of content we are currently accepting:

  • Deep analysis or data-oriented research on a particular crypto subject
  • Simplified, deep-dive explanations of a project in an objective tone
  • Breaking news, relevant to the market, subject to the editorial team judgement

If you have any questions- please email or reach out on Telegram.

  1. Make sure you are already registered .

2. Once you are registered and logged in, go to the top left corner of the browser, where you will see a darkened bar that says

Click on the ➕ and a dropdown will show. Click on “post”.

3. Congratulations! You are ready to submit your first post!

4. For each post, we require a title, and a body. You can always save the draft if you need to come back to the post.

5. Other pluses that will get your post more views:

  • Images, charts, and illustrations
  • Subtitles and subheadings to break down the piece into more digestible contents
  • Grammar check (we recommend Grammarly)
  • To get an more indepth understanding of how to have a fantastic post, see our contributor guide.

6. Once you are done with the post, click on Publish on the very top right.

7. A popup will show up for you to “Submit for Review”, click on that and it will load for a bit.

8. At this point, your post has been submitted for review! (note: your page will NOT change)

9. Once our editorial team reviews your post in 24 hours, we will email you to let you know that your post has been approved and live!

10. And once your post is live, your $GCR tokens will be in your account!

Any questions? Go to our FAQ and ping us on Telegram