$GCR Phase 1

$GCR Phase 1

We are really excited today to announce the first phase of the public launch of the $GCR token, starting with airdropping $GCR in several community groups on Discord.

The ultimate mission of $GCR and GlobalCoinResearch.com is to bring high-quality access to executives, journalists and investors. We aim to empower the community, being mutually helpful to others, supporting each other in their crypto journey.

What’s in these $GCR Discord Groups?

Global Coin Research has historically been focused on Asia crypto. With the $GCR launch, we are expanding to a fully global community, with crypto members from all over the world, including technologists and finance enthusiasts who are new to crypto.

The discord group communities bring together a group of high-quality investors, executives and entrepreneurs from East and West that has been part of the Global Coin Research Community. The team will be a growing and self-sustaining group that shares their learnings and helps each other.

More specifically, the groups will offer:

  • Dealflow- the $GCR community will get introduce to early-stage crypto founders and projects that are looking for investments, and members can participate directly or thru us
  • Exclusive Learnings: $GCR communities get exclusive access to experts in the space, such as interviews and clubhouse events notifications to trending topics such as “Investing in NFTs” and others.
  • Advice: Founders in the community can seek out strategic advisors from the group
  • Information and Insights: Members can ask questions and form quality dialogues on project quality, market information and more.

?? Join the $GCR Discord community group to learn more-

(please note, this is the only public Discord group we have, other GCR groups are invite only)

What can I use $GCR for?

  • By holding $GCR, one will be able to get access to the best resources the community has to offer- whether that’s analyses or insights on Global Coin Research, advice from the community in our Discords chats, or deal flow directly from the core team.
  • We will be rolling out these features slowly and distributing them into the hands of our core community and beyond.

Coming Up: Phase 2

Steps to $GCR Community Ownership

GCR has historically focused on community to reach as many like-minded people in crypto and beyond. Phase 2 is a continuation of this multistep launch strategy in which we aim to distribute the tokens into the hands of our community. More info to come soon.

Join Us

We hope that with everyone’s participation and help, we can create a thriving networking community that is able to hold itself to higher values and a code of participation.

We are always hiring, please email us at hello@globalcoinresearch.com or @ us in our discord group, or tweet us @globalcoinrsrch

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