GCR Community Call Recap 05 Apr 2022

GCR Community Call Recap 05 Apr 2022


New Core Members
Last One Month of Accomplishments
GCR Investment Review – Q1 2022
Ongoing Campaigns

New Core Member

Cosmo – GCR Strategist / Deal Lead
Jasper – GCR Editor

GCR 2.0 Membership Tiers

Verified = 0 $GCR tokens (Free)

Pioneer = 100 $GCR tokens

Gold = 700 $GCR tokens

Gold Pro = 2000 $GCR tokens

Membership Tiers Program Upgrade Stats

Total GCR tokens distributed (crosschain): 93,013 GCR 
Total POAPs claimed: 157 (free NFTs!) 
Total DApp users over time: 527 (1,153 total sessions) 
Last GCR price (DApp): $3.50 (best discount ever)

Engagement Chart

GCR Exclusives

GCR Exclusive call with Shashi Menon and Nick Gonzalez, founders of UNXD the team behind Dolce & Gabbana’s historic debut NFT collection, and now the launch of ‘DGFamily’, the next phase in the brand’s metaverse expansion.

IRL: Avalanche Summit 2022

  • GCR Core members Arthur Zubkoff and Alex Duran attended the AvalancheSummit2022
  • Community is key to any project in Web3
  • Meeting people at conferences, events, and parties opens up a new way of decentralizing the world and merging both the virtual and physical together
  • Avalanche is in hypergrowth

GCR Investment Review – Q1 2022

  • GCR invested $2.0M+ in 15 deals
  • The community saw over 100 investments in Q1, of which 33% of GCR’s investments were brought directly. Visit www.blairsupplyusa.com and find out everything about pipe supply watertown
  • The top invested categories for the community were DAO Tools, Gaming, and Infrastructure

Ongoing Campaigns

  • Deal Sourcing Initiative
  • Every Gold and GoldPro member can now participate in deal sourcing!
  • External Deal Partnership
  • Open to any ideas! We are currently working with various VC firms, DAOs, and operators in the space to share deals



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