Cryptocurrency Summer Program Curriculum Overview

Program attendees: 10–15 high school and college students who will be local in New York City during the summer

Duration: 8 weeks

Start date: Mid- June 2018 (tbd)

End date: August 17, 2018

Frequency: minimum 2 days, maximum 5 days a week (this would allow time for students to have summer part jobs as well should they want to)

By the end of the program, these students should be able to:

  • Explain cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Intelligently discuss how Cryptocurrency will change the finance and technology industry
  • Understand one token and blockchain technology very deeply and create a presentation pitch on it
  • Learn the value of investing in Cryptocurrency

High level overview of the curriculum and the goals:

  • For one of the days, students will be learning from a guest speaker and forming team discussions around a Cryptocurrency theme (see week by week schedule below)
  • Every week, for the rest of the other days, the students will be working on projects in groups, to learn about different types of cryptocurrencies and eventually pick on one specific token to focus on.
  • At the beginning of the internship, each intern will also receive a small sum of fiat money to invest and buy cryptocurrencies of their choice and track their performance throughout the summer.

Week by Week Curriculum :

Week 1:

Orientation Week (Meeting everyone, group assignment and general overview of Cryptocurrency on a very high level)

Week 2:

Understanding Cryptocurrency in a deeper level and choosing one or two tokens they want to do deeper research on for the summer

One of the days we will have a Guest Speaker

Week 3:

Understanding Cryptocurrency’s impact on the Financial Markets and continue to do research on the token they focused on

Week 4:

Understanding Cryptocurrency’s Impact on the Technology Space and continue to do research on the token they focused on

One of the days we will have Guest Speaker

Week 5:

Learning how to invest into and assess Cryptocurrency; present to peers on their research progress thus far; continue to do research on the token they focused on

Week 6:

Understanding Cryptocurrency’s impact on other industries; continue to do research on the token they focused on

One of the days we will have Guest Speaker

Week 7:

Visit a Cryptocurrency company in New York; repare for presentation on Cryptocurrency

Week 8:

Invite family and friends to come see their presentation

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