Latest Crypto News on Asia— May 14, 2018

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South Korean Execs Releases Arrest Order to Executives of HTS Coin Exchange

South Korean prosecutors issued arrest warrants against three senior executives and employees of HTS Coin, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, for allegedly withdrawing funds from their accounts by transferring customer funds from their bank accounts to other accounts. In addition, suspects may also be involved in defrauding investors.

-Central Bank counselor Li De: Blockchain technology makes the trend of “credit mathematics” more obvious

On May 11, the inaugural meeting of the Blockchain Research Center of the Institute of Financial Technology of China Electronic Commerce Association was held in Beijing. Li De, the counselor of the People’s Bank of China, said in his speech that the emergence and application of blockchain technology will have an important impact on regulating the financial market order and the establishment of user credit systems (for those who are new to the credit system in China, The increasingly perfect credit evaluation system for individuals, commodities, and enterprises established in the online world relying on blockchain technology will become more and more closely linked to real life, and the trend of “credit mathematics” will become increasingly apparent.

-OKEx confirms that CEO Mr. Li Shubo (Chris Lee) has resigned from all positions in the company

OKEX stated that since Mr. Li Shubo joined OK 2 years ago, he has made significant contributions to OKEx’s business and global development with outstanding leadership and business management capabilities, and is the co-founder of OKEx’s leading global digital asset trading platform. For personal reasons, Mr. Li chose a new life and decided to resign from the company. The Group sincerely thanked Mr. Li for his contributions during the past year and a half and wished him a happy life in the future.

-Huobi HADAX will open PromotionChain trading on May 15 at 11:00.

On May 15th at 11:00, HADAX opened PC/BTC and PC/ETH transactions.

-Korea Customs Service, recruits logistics companies with blockchain platforms

The Korea Customs Agency stated that it is recruiting companies that participate in export logistics and origin e-certificate issuance demonstration projects based on blockchain technology. The demonstration business is a blockchain platform provided by the Korea Customs Department, which is connected to the company’s in-house system to directly transmit customs clearance data. The Korea Customs Agency has verified the blockchain technology through this demonstration business and can apply to all stages of export logistics and proof of origin and other services.

– The mining pool for the EOS super community officially launched on May 14

On the 14th of May, at the EOS Global Super Node SHOW, the official Coupon announced that the EOS Super Community of the mining Pool was formally launched on May 14. EOS Asia, EOS CANADA, EOS Union, EOS Gravitational Zone, HelloEOS, EOS Cannon and other nodes have already entered.

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