Latest Crypto News on Asia— May 15

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NULS, EOS, Aeternity, AAA China; The Chinese believe real estate bubble is worse than cryptocurrency bubble; Real opinions on blockchain…

Coin and Exchange News

NULS: NULS releases development tasks to community, with payout of 1500NULS
According to the latest news from NULS Twitter, the official website of NULS has been upgraded and is releasing new official website development tasks globally. It is reported that NULS is an open-source community project and is based on the concept of community building. Its new official website is promoted by the community from creative design to development. The NULS developer community is quite large and has been inviting global partners to build an all-round blockchain ecosystem.

– Vice President Releases 15 EOS Node Protocols
On May 14th, Thomas Cox, Vice President of, released an EOS node protocol on GitHub for a total of 15, indicating the principles to be followed by the EOS node (Block Producer).

Huobi HADAX will start trding Aeternity on May 16
HADAX will open Aeternity (AE) purchases at 14:30 on May 15th, Beijing time. The AE/BTC and AE/ETH exchanges will be open at HADAX at 14:00 on May 16. May 17:30, AE may be withdrawaled.

LCEX will open ABT trade on May 16th
According to the LCEX official announcement, LCEX will open ABT will start fulfilling orders at midnight and open trading at 10:00am on May 16. Newly registered users can get 3 APT airdrops

– Shenzhen Forms Syntron (public company) is looking to launch blockchain platform “Le Xunfang (???)” at the end of May. The blockchain uses the FISCOBCOS platform as the underlying platform of the blockchain to build price search and communication blockchain between individuals and enterprises, and distributes SFB coins to incentivize Individual and business interaction.

Liu Song, founder of AAAChain: 100% of the future stock market will be replaced by the currency market
Recently, Liu Song, the founder of AAAChain claimed that in the future, the stock market will be 100% replaced by the currency market and the scale of the currency market will be even larger than the total size of global stock markets.

Macro and Regulation Watch

Macro Sentiment: In China, surveyed citizens believe that should there be a financial crisis, 59% thinks that it would be caused by real estate, 26% believe that it would be caused by cryptocurrency. That’s almost twice the
The CFA Institute, a professional organization composed of global investment professionals, released on the 14th its global investor confidence survey report. It shows that Chinese investors have more confidence in financial services than those in other regions. At the same time, they have higher expectations for investment advisory brand and returns. China’s investors in the category of “fully trust” and “trust” the financial services industry account for as much as 70% of total surveyed (that’s crazy high to me), far exceeding the global share of 44%. The survey also shows that Chinese investors have different perspectives on causes of financial crisis. Similar to global investors, Chinese investors and global investors have the same outlook on the issue of “the likelihood of a financial crisis expected in the next three years.”, around a similar amount of ~38% surveyed. However, they have very different views from global investors on the cause of the crisis. Among them, Chinese investors believe that “real estate” and “cryptocurrency bubble” are the two major causes of the crisis, accounting for 59% and 26% respectively, which is much higher than the 29% and 12% share of global investors. However, only 35% of them believe that the cause would be “national or global policy crisis”, lower than the global 51%.

Regulator Watch: China Central Bank counselor Sheng Songcheng: blockchain technology is not that great
People’s Bank of China counselor Sheng Songcheng spoke about three views on blockchain in an interview:
First, the blockchain cannot be combined with currency because its greatest feature is its decentralization. However, monetary policy is one of the major economic policies of all countries in the world. It can not only be decentralized, but also have to rely on the country’s monopoly on currency issuance, which cannot be subverted for a long time.
Second, blockchain technology should not be combined with finance, because from the current market situation, blockchain does not help improve financial efficiency;
Third, if the blockchain is to be applied, it is better to use it in the real economy. For example, it can use its irrevocable features to play a role in artistic and archeaological identification.

Mining Update: Chinese Crypto miners face new difficulties after relocating to South Asia
According to news.bitcoin, miners of digital currency from China previously flocking to Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia, but now they encountered a new dilemma. They are experiencing higher parts costs and higher operating and maintenance costs, complaints from residents, and unstable electricity supply. A Chinese miner in Cambodia stated that because of these reasons, they continue to lose money every month, but at the same time, it is difficult to find safe mining areas in other countries in South Asia.


– IPO: The mining machine manufacturer of the mainland,, has submitted an initial public offering (IPO) application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388.HK), which is expected to become the first pure blockchain concept stock in the Hong Kong stock market. 
Reuters quoted sources as saying that Canaan plans to raise $1 billion in Hong Kong.Canaan declined to comment. In addition, Zhejiang Yibi Teyi, another bitcoin maker in the Mainland, plans to list in Hong Kong. Teyi has contacted the investment bank for listing. Teyi is the mining machine brand of Yibang, another big bitcoin miner producer in the Mainland.

Real World Adoption

– Japan began to use the blockchain technology to conduct traceability tests of organic vegetables
According to the Nikkei news, Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture, will cooperate with Dentsu International Intelligence (ISID) to use the blockchain technology to conduct traceability tests of organic vegetables in the area. Traceability vegetables will begin on May 19 and serve at Tokyo’s Italian restaurant. Yum!

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