China Crypto News- May 21

NEO team reorganizes, Bitcoin trading volume in Japan accounts half of global volume, MIIT whitepaper on China’s Blockchain Industry

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Coin and Exchange News

– Huobi Pro will launch KAN on May 21
Huobi Pro announced that it will initiate KAN purchases on May 21. At 11:00 on May 25th, KAN/BTC and KAN/ETH trading will be open. On May 27th, KAN withdrawal business will be open.

– NEO team reorganizes
NEO official twitter announced: 1. The NEO Committee changed its name to the NEO Foundation, and Da Hongfei and Zhang Ruimin are co-chairs. 2. There are three independent entities under the leadership of the NEO Foundation: NEO Global Development (NGD), NEO Global Capital (NGC), and NEO Open Blockchain.


– Bitcoin trade volume in Japan accounts for half of the global market volume
One of the main reasons why Japan quickly became the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange market or its attitude towards cryptocurrencies last year. Japan has been building its encrypted asset infrastructure. In April last year, Japan took the lead in making Bitcoin a legal payment method. The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) also issued licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges operation. So Japanese residents can freely purchase cryptocurrencies in their home countries. At the same time, they also attract users from many other countries to the Japanese Exchanges as well.

A few days ago, according to data from the Japan Digital Currency Exchange Association, Japan’s digital currency trading volume reached 69 trillion yen in 2017, 20 times the amount of transactions in 2016.

MIIT White Paper: China’s Blockchain Industry Has Formed
Yesterday, the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the “White Paper on China’s Blockchain Industry in 2018”. The paper recognizes that China’s blockchain industry has gradually taken shape. As of the end of March 2018, the number of blockchain companies with blockchain operations in China was 456.

– Baidu and Tianjin Enter into Agreement to Use Blockchain Technologies to Build Smart Cities
According to report from Guangming, Baidu and Tianjin Municipal People’s Government have recently reached strategic cooperation to promote the landing and empowerment of Baidu’s “AI CITY” strategy in Tianjin. Baidu will use technological capabilities such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of things, and blockchain to help build smart cities in the Tianjin Binhai New Area and the Dongli District.

– IPFS mining machine “Maya Technology” received a 50 million yuan A round of capital financing
Recently, Maya Technology, an IPFS hard disk mining machine maker, announced that it has received 50 million yuan of round A financing from Geekbeans and Byte Capital.

Macro and Regulation Watch

— A Training Course for “Blockchain Technology for Higher Level Talent” will be held at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Center
Recently, to better promote the development of the blockchain industry, the Talent Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has decided to hold a training class for advanced talents of blockchain technology. The notice was passed to Guiyang Blockchain Center.

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