Daily Crypto News — May 22

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Roger Ver’s coins donated by economist; Bank of Japan not planning to issue digital currency; MUFG partners with Akamai; Ant Financial using Blockchain for account transparency

Coin and Exchange News

Bank of Japan Governor: Bank of Japan does not have plans to issue digital currency
According to reports, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said that at preset, they have no plan to issue digital currency.

Huobi Pro to issue Libra Credit (LBA) on May 22nd
Huoqin pro is scheduled to open Libra Credit (LBA) purchases on May 22nd. On May 23rd, LBA/BTC and LBA/ETH will begin trading. LBA withdrawal business will start on May 28th.

FTI is about to launch on Huobi HADAX; supported by 14 super nodes
FansTime (FTI) received support from 14 super nodes such as BlockVC, Chuangshi Capital, and Dfund, becoming the most super node-supported project in the history of HADAX. FansTime will officially be able to trade n HADAX in the next few days


The largest financial institution in Japan, MUFG, will launch a global blockchain payment network with Akamai
Recently, Japan’s largest financial institution, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), and Akamai, a Massachusetts-based cloud delivery technology company, have announced that they will launch a global blockchain payment network together.

Ant Financial: Trying to use blockchain technology to help supervise accounts and make the information open and transparent
At the 2018 Global Angel Investment Forum held in Chengdu recently, Zhang Ying, a senior fellow of Ant Financial Services, said that Ant Financial are trying to use blockchain technology to help regulate and supervise accounts. For example, P2P companies often have irregular behaviors such as self-financing, capital pool construction, and illegal fundraising. It is difficult to ensure the security of customer funds. Blockchain would make information more transparent and open, and prevent companies from having opaque operations.

Man defrauded Chinese Citizens Rmb 100 mn selling bitcoin mining machines
A few days ago, nearly 50 people reported to Xiangshan Public Security Bureau on a fraud cause. Zhang took hundreds of millions of dollars in the name of selling Bitcoin mining machines. At present, Zhang has been arrested and the case is being further investigated.

Macro and Regulation Watch

Takeaways from Japan’s s Third Virtual Currency Exchange Research Conference: through the Coincheck incident, Japan sees high risks to crime and money laundering, need to improve network security

Chief Economist Shusong Ba: Received some BCH sent by Roger Ver and donated it to Charity Fund
China’s Banking Industry Association’s chief economist Shusong Ba said on Twitter that Roger Ver, a well-known investor in bitcoin cash, has eagerly mobilized everyone to download bitcoin cash wallet app. He said that he will also have everyone experience a bit of cash in bitcoin. Mr. Ba thought he was joking, but when he checked his account at night, he really received some. He thanked Roger Ver and claimed that all these bitcoin donations have now been given to a charity fund and the account has been closed.

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