Latest Crypto News on Asia — May 25

Happy Friday! TRON launches prediction platform; Tencent uses Blockchain for taxes; Rmb 3mn subsidies for Hangzhou Blockchain Industry Park

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Top News

– Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings has teamed up with the Shenzhen branch of the State Administration of Taxation in a blockchain-enabled digital invoice solution, designed to protect the authenticity of invoices by tracking the process of issuance and circulation.

– Taobao, popular Chinese e-commerce site and a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, will ban the listing of services for cryptocurrencies or ICOs

– TRON and vSport to Launch Blockchain World Cup Prediction Platform

– Hangzhou Blockchain Industry Park Interim Policy: Up to 3 Million Yuan in Subsidy for Home Purchase

– Japan’s National Tax Agency: 331 people earned more than 100 million yen in virtual currency transactions in 2017

Coin and Exchange News

– Mizuho, one of Japan’s three so-called ‘megabanks’, will sponsor Neutrino, the country’s first blockchain coworking space established by Ethereum-based startup Omise Japan.

Business News

– Blockchain companies raised more than US$240 million in venture capital funds in the first six months of 2017, most of them from banks. The article also tracked the largest banks in China and their blockchain progress.
– China Merchants Bank: The earliest country to join the R3 blockchain alliance
– Bank of China: Using “blockchain” technology to help Tibet get rid of poverty
– Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: Issued the first blockchain patent
– Bank of Shanghai: Opened China’s first single letter of credit based on blockchain technology
– Ping An of China: Two major application scenarios of assets transaction and credit

– China’s Bank of Communications successfully handles the first blockchain based letter of credit

– GoCryptobot, Calorie Coin, and many other blockchain and cryptocurrency-based mobile applications have taken over the South Korean app market, competing against traditional applications and conventional platforms.

Popular Japanese personal budgeting app Money Forward (MF) has announced that it will launch a cryptocurrency exchange at some point this year.

Bitcoin for otaku: Tokyo startup to launch cryptocurrency to serve anime geeks

Macro and Regulation Watch

Chinese authorities charge 4 more in $2.3B OneCoin scam

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