Today’s Asia Crypto News- May 28th

Today’s News: Happy Memorial Day, short one today as I’m traveling. Will be back in full gear tomorrow.

Japan launches 6 new crypto exchanges and one exchange is permitted to borrow; South Korea Bithumb banned trading in 11 countries

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Top News

  • Japan has planned to embrace 6 new crypto-exchanges.These crypto-platforms are launched by the listed public companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Japan has 16 completely licensed crypto-exchanges, with another 8 applications of exchanges being reviewed by FSA, Japan’s Financial Service Agency.
  • Citing money laundering concerns, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has banned trading in 11 countries including North Korea, Iran, Iraq.
  • A government-approved Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has launched a program to borrow cryptocurrencies from its members. The exchange seeks to borrow 1 BTC or more Initially.

Coin and Exchange News

  • Huobi.Pro announced its grand strategy to tackle the Vietnamese market during keynote speech at Blockchain Festival Vietnam.
  • Chinese cryptocurrency firm BTCC has announced plans to introduce an upgraded new exchange platform in June with support for currencies including bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin at launch.
  • VeChain signs a partnership with Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center at the 2018 Blockchain & Industry Convergence Development Forum. Via Vechain’s Twitter

Business News

  • Chinese cryptocurrency media companies are boycotting an ongoing blockchain conference after the organizer used a Chairman Mao impersonator to promote the event.
  • In Beijing this past weekend, a joint Australian-Chinese “blockathon” (blockchain hackathon) was held

Macro and Regulation Watch

  • We mentioned that last week, Blockchain Industrial Park (BIP) in Hangzhou, China, is offering millions of dollars worth of subsidies to blockchain startups to set up shop there. Here is the translated WeChat announcement.

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