Today’s Crypto News on Asia — June 6th

Japan rejects exchange for first time; China use blockchain to digitize paper checks; Kuaidi founder claims EOS a scam

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Top News

After approving 16 exchanges, the Japanese regulators is reportedly set to reject a crypto exchange application for the first time.

The People’s Bank of China has revealed a blockchain-powered system to digitize paper checks.

“If all goes well, we may have #EOSIO #mainnet in 3 days”- EOS HK.

**Chinese Media** Kuaidi (that later merged with Didi, the “Uber” of China) founder Weixin Chen claims in his WeChat group that EOS is a scam. He points to that all the BM (Bytemaster) documents show that the ICO money raised belongs to their private ownership, and that BM is not responsible for any of EOS’s activities, including interrupted development, failure to launch, etc. Google translated article here:

Exchange Huobi plans to build its first public and decentralized blockchain and fund it with 30 million Huobi Tokens worth about US$174 million.

Coin and Exchange News

Huobi Pro is launching HT trading zone and the first 7 first trading pairs are EOS/HT, BCH/HT, XRP/HT, LTC/HT, IOST/HT, ETC/HT, DASH/HT. Zero trading fees for the trading zone from June 6 to July 6.

Shift Markets to bring TRX trading into the currency markets.

Ontology launches Ecosystem Accelerator Program with USD $1.5bn to fund future development.

Binance has made an undisclosed investment into blockchain-based esports voting platform chiliZ.

Business News

Roger Ver- “I didn’t post it or talk about it publically yet but we just had a meeting over this week; Bitcoin Cash is coming to tens of thousands of convenient stores in Japan and you’ll be able to buy anything in the entire convenient store with Bitcoin Cash which means including like paying your electric bill.”

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has launched a blockchain-based data storage system for retail merchants to tokenize traditional promotional tools such as coupons and reward points.

A Japanese syndicate that had gathered participants for Shopin’s Token Generation Event using a hot MyEtherWallet storage wallet was hacked, resulting in a loss of more than $10 million USD.

Upcoming events

Binance AMA on Reddit: June 6, 5–8pm EST

EOS Jun 9: EOSHackathon in Hong Kong

Ontology Jun 29: Block Co + Conference, Tokyo
Ontology Jul 15–19: Microsoft Inspire, Las Vegas

Vechain Jul 19: Distributed 2018 Conference in San Francisco

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