Today’s Crypto News on Asia — June 8th

Korea Line to open 6 crypto exchanges; Bithumb taxed $28mn; Singapore says ICO not a security

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Top News

Korea Line is looking to open 6 crypto exchanges. http://bit.ly/2M6l7xP

Korea taxes Bithumb with USD $28 mn. http://bit.ly/2McxRD0

**Chinese Media** Singapore Monetary Authority: ICO by nature is not a security. Google translated link

South Korean Government establishes WaltonChain Institute, following Ripple. https://prn.to/2MaxaKt

Coin and Exchange News

VeChainThor Testnet is now available on Github.

Japan confirmed issuing its first official rejection of an exchange. http://bit.ly/2sFXnZw

ICON and Deloitte Startup Advisory Group are cooperating. http://bit.ly/2MbKOxc

Business News

Quartz’s take on India’s surging cryptocurrency crime. http://bit.ly/2sG09ho

Baidu launched its first blockchain native App. It’s about the universe and it’s quite pretty. http://bit.ly/2sHXIL3

BinanceLabs has put their Reddit AMA in medium. http://bit.ly/2sC9Q0f

Ant Financial raises US$14 bn. https://s.nikkei.com/2sH1ioU

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