Today’s Crypto News on Asia — June 11th

Sequoia China lead Bitmain’s $400mn pre-IPO sale, $30–40bn market cap ; Thailand legalize 7 coins; ; Coinrail’s hack has been recovered 2/3

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Top News

Thailand gov’t has legalized 7 cryptocurrencies and permits crypto exchanges to establish business. http://bit.ly/2sNwvH0

Sequoia Capital China said to lead $400m pre-IPO round for Bitmain. Market cap by end of year is potentially $30bn-$40bn. http://bit.ly/2sTPOP5
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​South Korean cryptocurrency exchange hack had $40m in altcoin stolen. 2/3 of the lost total has been recovered. https://zd.net/2sNWz4G

Coin and Exchange News

Japan’s banking service giant SBI has added Bitcoin Cash after listing Ripple. http://bit.ly/2sO5nYi

Vechain’s 3Q report: 39% tokens locked up of which ~13% are held by to institutional investors, ~10% for biz dev. http://bit.ly/2MbLSRH

Ontology Global Capital launches with Selina Xu as the Founding Venture Partner. http://bit.ly/2JDLvOa

Interview with the VP of Technology from aelf. http://bit.ly/2sNTsK2

Business and Regulation News

3 additional public Japanese firms have announced plans to enter the crypto space on top of the the originally announced 6. http://bit.ly/2MiIHrm

South Korea’s Seoul mayoral hopefuls clash over Blockchain policy. Hint: they are all pro-crypto http://bit.ly/2MjIKTJ

Ripple VP calls for more Cryptocurrency friendly regulations in South Korea. http://bit.ly/2MbKheF

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