Today’s Crypto News on Asia — Jun 19th

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

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Top News

Japan press believes that China is keen on influencing the international flow of money with mining.

South Korea’s central bank has announced that it does not plan to launch its own digital currency over fears it could destabilize the economy.

*China Media* Chinese experts urging China regulators to re-evaluate the country’s Crypto strategy. “The US will not allow digital currency to affect the sovereignty of the US dollar.” Google translated link

Binance extends support to Malta Stock Exchange Accelerator Program.

Japan has issued business improvement orders to more than five registered cryptocurrency exchange operators, including bitFlyer and Quoine.

Coin and Exchange News

People also use it as a stablecoin now, I hear. Can’t complain about that. :)” CZ on Binance coins

BlockBox data centers have helped BitFury quintuple revenue for12-month period to US$450 million.

Japan’s SBI Virtual Currencies has added support for trading BTC, BCH, against the Japanese yen.

Business and Regulation News

A Japanese village looking to to launch a regional ICO as a way to secure funding.

Kerala, a state south of India, plans to implement a blockchain strategy to speed up the purchase and distribution of milk, fish, and vegetables.

Fukuoka Bank of Japan will use blockchain to build a regional integration management.

Japanese crypto organization with 16 exchanges members is releasing new voluntary rules next week, including a ban on insider trading.

China’s small mining vendors left gasping after burst bitcoin bubble.

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