Today’s Crypto News on Asia — Jun 20th

Top News

*China Media* The Chinese gov’t (MIIT) published an updated Crypto ranking list. By applicability, top 4 didn’t change, Nebulas moved up to 5th. Google translated link

Korean Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb loses more than $30 Million in hack.

After Bithumb’s hack, Korean regulators are speeding up in passing the country’s first cryptocurrency bill to regulate exchanges as banks.

EOS have unanimously decided to freeze seven EOS accounts that were suspected to be carrying stolen funds.

*China Media* “I sincerely do not recommend that China’s domestic exchanges publicize themselves when Bithumb is in trouble […] Chinese companies wanting to occupy the international market need to understand and respect international culture.”?—?CZ on Bithumb’s hack. Google Translated Link

Coin and Exchange News

A Phillipines bank to launch blockchain remittances to Japan. This aims to serve Filipinos who work in Japan and send money home.

Just before the theft occurred, Coinrail had changed its Terms of Service, eliminating a key clause that protected users.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest exchange hacks since 2012.

Analysis: if Binance extends the transaction fee discount of 25% in perpetuity then Binance’s BNB coin value could double.

Business and Regulation News

“Very happy to have Bitmain and Jihan Wu join the @Amentum family.” Steven D. McKie? on Twitter-

Japan’s P2P Flea Market Mercari Makes IPO Debut At $7.4B.

Hedge funds’ performance dropping by 35% in first half 2018.

IBM launches a free blockchain program for students in India.

Japan Electric will collaborate with Singular University and will establish a company and start a new project named “NEC Accelerator Program”.

There is an argument to be made about how the US-China trade wars is driving capital into the crypto market.

If you are traveling to Asia or the US this summer, why not catch some of the companies while you are there? We have all the events laid out.

In case you missed it, in this past weekend’s Weekly, I discussed why JD along with Tencent/Alibaba/Baidu will be the main crypto winners in China.

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