Today’s Crypto News on Asia — Jun 21st

Binance to offer technology and platform to partners; IndiaChain; EOS mission by Dan Larimer; Korea treat exchange as currency handling businesses

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

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? Top News

*China Media* Binance is piloting “Digital Asset Exchange Open Alliance” in where alliance members will get access to Binance’s management system, cold wallet system, hot wallet system, capital clearing system, global customer support in multi-language, and global customer identification and anti-money laundering system. As part of the alliance, Binance will provide all the backend services such as R&D, operation, maintenance and security while members can just focus on marketing and front office operations. This is super interesting. Chinese Twitter

“If everything develops as I hope, the EOS community will be the safest place to hold tokens.”?—?new post by Dan Larimer.

Indian government’s think tank is reportedly set to launch IndiaChain, a nationwide blockchain infrastructure.

Korean Financial Services Commission will define virtual currency exchange as virtual currency handling business.

? Coin and Exchange News

*Korea Media* Bithumb’s insurance did not include property damage compensation, so theft will not be compensated.

All domestic investors must have a license to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies, according to a joint statement signed by the Exchange Commission of Cambodia.

Reality Shares, an asset management company, launched the first blockchain ETF for China.

? Business and Regulation News

Tencent Security and Huobi are launching a China Blockchain Security Alliance.

*China Media* Cloud computing public chain Ankr raised US$15 million in financing from J Lab, Denver Capital, Pantera, NEO Global Capital, OK Capital, BlockVC, LinkVC and others. Google translated link

Chinese analysts and experts expect many small crypto exchanges to shut down.

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