Today’s Top Crypto News on Asia- Jun 22nd

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

Top News

BitFlyer halted new customer account creations as it makes efforts to improve its systems. This is after Japan slapped six exchanges with business improvement orders including BitFlyer, Quione and Bitbank.

China-base FCoin saw over $5.6 bn in trading volume in 24 hours, driven by “trans-fee mining,” which has been criticized by Binance. Trans-fee mining means that for every transaction fee a user pays to FCoin in the form of either bitcoin or ethereum, the platform will reimburse the user 100 percent of the value in FTs.

IMPORTANT: Businesses from across the world can now open a WeChat account that’s visible to mainland (previously this process was really difficult without a China business license)

My dear friend Rui Ma flagged this article to me on Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of Ethereum, who says he likes Qtum and Vechain. I’d agree.
@ruima know everything about China tech. She has an awesome podcast called @TechBuzz, in which in the next episode we’ll be talking about Bitmain. Stay tuned!

Yesterday, I mentioned that Binance launched a “Digital Asset Exchange Open Alliance”, and a reader pointed out that OKEx also announced a similar program the day before. OKEx is looking for OKEx partners and will provide platform support as well.

Coin and Exchange News

GSE launches Japan’s “green mining” with Ofo bikes. You can ride Ofo bikes (Ofo is a Chinese ride-sharing company, similar to that of Bird scooters but for bikes) to mine crypto. Is anyone thinking Black Mirror?

ICON partners with Bodhi, a decentralized prediction market platform that is native to the Qtum blockchain.

Business and Regulation News

China Media China’s first electronic invoice blockchain platform launched in Guangzhou. Google translated link

China Media Single founder blockchain Game “Cell Evolution” built on Nebulas receive $770k in funding. Google translated link. dApp review

Chinese police seized over 200 computers used to mine bitcoin and ethereum in a crypto-mining operation that allegedly stole electricity.

Did you know Coinbase Commerce was Decentralized?

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