Today’s Crypto News on Asia- Jun 26th

Korea won’t insure until exchanges improve; India to release crypto ruling in July; EOS block producer drama continues

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

Next week, I will be at the Techcrunch’s Blockchain conference in Zug from Wednesday to Friday. Guests will include Vitalik and CZ. If you happen to be there too, I would love to meet! And if you haven’t known about this before, definitely consider going now 🙂

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Top News

The Zcash foundation developer conference that started today is on YouTube stream playlist. Lineup is quite good.

Insurance companies to Korea exchanges: emphasize a stronger internal control system and security or else we cannot trust and insure you.

The new Indian regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is likely to be presented in the first half of July.

Lots of EOS discussions and noise on Twitter. 2 standouts are this
EOS producer who gets threatened with a lawsuit for not updating his config and a redditor identifying the EOS community pays $10k per day to 21 block producers each when they are hosting primarily on AWS.

Coin and Exchange News

In light of all the media coverage of Bitmain’s mining pools controling nearly 51% bitcoin hashrate, I urge you to read Jimmy Song from Blockchain Capital’s Mining Centralization Scenarios to get a complete picture of what the risk entails. Bitmain is now also delivering the first batch of 8000 units of Antminer Z9s.

CEOs of bitFlyer and Bitbank stepped down from Japan’s self regulatory cryptocurrency exchange body after they received business improvement orders.

Delhi-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinsecure that had 438 bitcoins stolen will begin processing customer claims for compensation in rupees.

Business and Regulation News

It appears that outright bans aren’t exactly helping governments fight cryptocurrency scams. Or, at least, that is what frequent reports coming from India and China would suggest.

South Korean official: BTC “Kimchi premium” is controlled after South Korea has prohibited anonymous transactions.

Alibaba signs agreement with telecom company 3 Hong Kong to deepen cooperation in blockchain.

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Congrats to A16zcrypto for their $300mn fund

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