Today’s Top Crypto News from Asia- Jun 27th

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

Happy hump day! How about a little ✨✨sparkle✨✨ for your Wednesday with the news that Cryptokitties just launched the KittyVerse, an open-source license, and a program to invest in creators. Announcement here.

🌟 Top News

Larimer is proposing to remove the entire EOS constitution. http://bit.ly/2tHmR8w

Exchange Huobi Pro didn’t get approved by Japanese authority and is suspending trading services in Japan from July 2. http://bit.ly/2tIB98F

Interesting take from financial times op-ed on what the Japan’s FSA strategy is when dealing with crypto risk. https://on.ft.com/2yMak9l

The Innovation Alliance that enables blockchain advisory services adds Certik and Celer Networks, along with the founding member aelf and existing members Michael Arrington, Huobi Labs, etc. http://bit.ly/2yNuAYj

💰 Coin and Exchange News

Binance lists SELFKEY (KEY) and will list Nebulas (NAS) on 2018/06/28. http://bit.ly/2tFP0gf

TRON has been added on BitMEX as the 8th cryptocurrency future contract. http://bit.ly/2KbG7G5

💼 Business and Regulation News

SECBIT along with Loopring teams works on a list of Token contract risks. http://bit.ly/2tJFqbU

New York and Singapore are the top 2 cities in Quartz’ World Cup for Blockchain. http://bit.ly/2yNu7p8

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