Today’s Crypto News on Asia — Jun 28th

Binance to launch crypto-fiat exchange in Uganda, Korea’s new Crypto regulation; Messaging App line to release an exchange; JD working with Huobi

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

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Top News

Binance is about to launch a crypto-fiat exchange in Uganda, supporting the Ugandan Shilling, alongside major cryptocurrencies.

Korea has revealed a new crypto regulatory framework and guidelines pertaining to AML and KYC requirements for crypto exchanges. It’s investigating into three major banks and having banks alert suspicious fund movements to avoid the “kimchi premium” from happening.

Line is launching its own exchange supporting 30 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, at a trading fee of 0.1%. The Japanese messaging app makes a big push into financial services to compete against WhatsApp and WeChat.’s cloud arm is working with Huobi to build blockchain-based technology and applications. JD most recently was supported by the Chinese gov’t to create asset backed tokens.

Coin and Exchange News

China’s Huobi opens London office in a move towards European market.

Hacked Bithumbit has now reduced its stolen damage by almost half after collaborating with worldwide exchanges, and it has also disclosed the accounts and crypto assets that were stolen during the breach.

Plair, the first gaming platform and the first ICO to launch on VeChainThor platform, is having a live AMA.

Redditor claim EOS’s 21 nodes is too few to deter cartels and currently nodes are dominated by Bitfinex, Huobi, Chinese, Koreas.

Business and Regulation News

Hong Kong’s de facto central bank is planning to work Abu Dhabi to develop a cross-border trade finance system that is built with distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain can legally authenticate evidence, Chinese judge rules.

CEO of SBI, one of Japan’s financial giants and longtime Ripple partner in Asia, talked about his belief in blockchain to get Japan’s economy back on track to regain the global position it once held.

China Banking Regulatory Commission researchers are advocating that domestic regulators issue licenses for crypto-related activities, including any capital transaction that relates to distributed ledger accounts, blockchain, cryptocurrency and its derivatives, ICOs and exchange operations.

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I’m conflicted about the news that Facebook may potentially acquire Coinbase, it reinforces centralization but then also bring legitimacy to the space. Perhaps the latter is more important right now.

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