Today’s Crypto News on Asia- Jun 29

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

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Top News

It appears to me that South Korea, similar to what China has done, is changing its tone to be more blockchain focused.

Ripple’s xCurren’t blockchain technology to power India’s Kotak Mahindra Bank for its international remittances, but the bank will not use Ripple’s token.

*China Media* China’s city of Changsha is enticing blockchain companies with ~$300k USD subsidy, office space and free rent for 3 years. Google translated link

Today’s patent filing reveals that Alibaba has been exploring the use of blockchain technology to speed up international payments.

*China Media* A great, lengthy interview with Binance CEO in Chinese today. So much interesting stuff, I wish I had all the time in the world to translate it! “Binance does not have plans to IPO, traditionally IPO was just a way of financing, or a way for early investors to liquidate, so we don’t want to do that”. Google translate have to do for now

Coin and Exchange News

Similar to Huobi, exchange Kucoin will no longer be able to operate in Japan.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges DragonEx launches global operation center in Thailand.

Business and Regulation News

Chinese VC Node Capital will open an office in the U.S. and is using 200,000 Ether to fund local blockchain startups. Invested capital include Sequoia, IDG, Y Combinator, American and US VCs.

South Korea thinks its real-name system is working in reducing the “kimchi premium”.

India Exchanges have started asking its customers to withdraw their funds before Reserve Bank of India’s mandate deadline ends in July 5th. Looks like India will be quiet for a while as it tries to figure out next steps, but supposedly the authorities are close to proposing a regulatory framework and finalizing a draft in July.

A critique of different nation’s research on crypto such as China’s recent cryptocurrency ranking and Switzerland’s recent latest reports.

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