Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange Articles

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange Articles

By: GCR Fellows Raunak Chowdhury and Jerry Yu

In the budding world of cryptocurrency, understanding the cryptocurrency exchange is important to get started. Here’s our pick for the top 10 articles geared towards cryptocurrency exchange. The articles are ordered in difficulty from least difficult to most difficult.

These first five articles are geared towards understanding cryptocurrency on basic and general level. They’re great for starting out.

Number 10

This article gives a general overview of how a cryptocurrency exchange operates. It walks through the entire process of the seller-buyer transaction method and how sellers/buyers set up bids and accounts.

Number 9

This article goes into depth regarding the workings of the decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange.

Number 8

This article gives a simple rundown on what cryptocurrency is, how someone can purchase coins, and how to store cryptocurrency.

Number 7

This article explains what a centralized cryptocurrency exchange is through a Q&A format that answers a question in a simple sentence then goes more in depth.

Number 6

This article explains what a cryptocurrency exchange is and explains the 4 basic types of exchanges.

The next five articles are much more technical, but also give a lot more in-depth information than the previous five.

Number 5

This article explores the relationship between security and cryptocurrency exchanges. It delves into the issue of trust and how cryptocurrency exchanges are working to improve their services for users.

Number 4

The article delves into the “stablecoin” phenomenon of 2018 and elaborates on the difficulty of pegging these stablecoins to a stable currency.

Number 3

The article provides an in-depth explanation of liquidity providers, or customers/users that make the market.

Number 2

This article explains what a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is, how it differs from a centralized exchange, and highlights some current projects.

Number 1

This article goes in depth about centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges as well as compare them.

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